Restoration Ford F150 SVT Raptor Offroad Model Truck

Restoration Ford F150 SVT Raptor Offroad Model Truck

Welcome People… After a Long time. I’m here with a new Project of Restoration Ford F150 SVT Raptor Offroad Model Truck. I hope U enjoy it a Lot !

Ford Raptor is a nameplate used by Ford Motor Company on “high-performance” pickup trucks. In use since the 2010 model year, the Raptor is the highest-performance version of the Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger. Drawing its name from both birds of prey and the velociraptor, the model line is intended as a street-legal counterpart of an off-road racing vehicle. The F-150 Raptor is currently in its second generation; the Ranger Raptor was introduced in 2019 (in markets outside of North America) But In this Video, we did Restoration of Ford F150 SVT Raptor 2017.

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I did this Project from deep of my heart and did a Lot of Hard Work I hope after watching this video, U’ll give a thumbs up !
This Video is for Satisfaction, Education and Fun. So, Enjoy the Video !!

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Ahmed Akmouche says:

Abofalah car

Restoration of Dirty says:

Good job❤️

LokyArtist says:

Your work is amaizing and when I watch your videos I want to buy the cars that you remodelate.

Jayson Noll says:

What kind of rc truck is that

Yukio Salvador says:

Bruh how do u know to build why do u have a lot of wood

raiden oyun manyağı says:

Video çok iyidi like atım bile başta

Barbara Chappell says:

9/10 only thing I would like better would be to have actual suspension

Thijs Versteeg says:

Wat een prachtig kunstwerkje weer! Vooral de vloermatten vind ik fantastisch, zeker zo mooi als de methode waarbij men vlokken op lijm strooid.
Welke firma/bedrijf levert de ontbrekende delen, zoals hier de voorruit en de zijruiten?

Charlotte Moring says:

bruh a bigger spider
in my house

Charlotte Moring says:

Yep that’s what I’m saying lol

Сергей Заец says:

please tell me which camera do you use to shoot videos?

JOSUAL_2008V says:

una pregunta tu vendes los carros?

Aaron gamer :D says:

how you found this cars? i love you videos

Ultra_YT says:

You do a nice clean job 10/10

Roberto Nunez says:

that ford raptor in the video is the 2019 ford f150 raptor, not the ford f150 svt raptor, greetings and thanks

Junior Sandoval says:

He got 1m subs for cleaning toy cars

IGNITE FF 07 says:

I rate this to 1000/1001 because this ford look so cool and the colour shine is look so great

anuraag says:

9.5/10 one prob is the name

But wow level restoration

Hip hoop {} G. says:

Muy pero muy bueno como sienpre un buen trabajo exelente mas que exelente

Cursed cat says:

It ain't got no gas in it

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