Repairing rusted cab corners on Ford F150 for $0 ✅

Repairing rusted cab corners on Ford F150 for $0 ✅

This video will show how to simplify rust repair without spending any money on replacement panels. Repairing rusted cab corners on Ford F150 in real time with basic tools and scrap metal. This will be a quick and easy fix to pass inspection ✅

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Hiltz Auto Co.
Canning, NS
B0P 1H0

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David Simpkin says:

You make this repair look easy Chad and Jolene as always your camera work and videos are fantastic!!!! enjoy watching

Mike Friend says:

Good job Chad, good filming Jolene! A great team helping a friend out and posting a learning video for DIY enthusiasts

BAL TX says:

He sure don't build keepers…

Charles Craddock says:

Everyone stop watching and complaining if you don't like what they are doing and if ya'll are experts and know it all why don't you show us how it's done go live if not it's simple don't watch

Kirk H says:

Outstanding video chad,I wasn't planning on watching these but I'm glad I did. These videos help alot of people,the others that are critiquing aren't getting their hands dirty and prob don't have a garage with a car and parts in it. Keep it up your a huge inspiration.

Bob Nevitt says:

I would agree with the comment that Chad has talent, but surely, even a so called quick job, Chad you should be removing all the corroded metal and should have rust treated the inside of the box sections before welding in any new metal, and welding over existing rusted panels is a complete mistake and very unprofessional! Additionally i can see from the video the rust continues under the door, so even more work required. Better to have purchased the correct replacement panels, surely would have saved time in the long run?

miller8393 says:

Bad Chad is the king of hacks on the planet hacksalot I think he was born with two left hands

Kenneth Ewertz says:

That's damned amazing. You make it look so easy. Great job. I'd buy it.

studebaker Larry says:

But the rust undeneath is not taken care of ??

Baldi Kaldi says:

I’m not trying to be negative here but why would you not open the door when you’re cutting?

Joe Autry says:

I am been driving for 40yrs never had a car inspection in the state of Ky. They use to have a emissions inspection only.


So you what to hold that rust in ? Under coating

TJAK R says:

Thanks so much for doing this. A skill so many can use.

GT Bugger says:

I understand repairs done like this but like Chad says if later down the line someone wants to restore it, these repairs cause a lot more problems than they solve.

Dean Dee says:

just be sure to drill some weep holes at the bottom of that sill and cab corner, thats NASTY, anyone who owns one should bust out the drill and primer with a lil brush, serious damage for such a new truck, PROOF this construction is NOT dipped! if its dipped all that inner metal is sealed up with a metal sealant, primer and in some cases even a very hard enamel paint..

many folks may not know this but your chevelles, your Novas, all fords fox bodies what not and many other are dipped or submerged some under a vacuum to get the paint in every single little minuscule void, why you will see a survivor that's sat in a forest 50 years, of course eventually the sun and weather does makes it way through and it rusts outside in unlike this that rusted inside out, more likely than not simply for the lack of weep drainage..

if you;re unsure the dipping process is real you can watch vintage assembly process videos here on youtube that show and explain the process, whether its a practice today I have no idea, clearly not with this vehicle, and being a 12th gen F150 its only 8-12 years old? unflippinreal, no warranty of course however I have no idea when this rust first appeared, a while ago, perhaps it did show up within warranty and it was overlooked? if this is a 2014 and it appeared 4-5 years in it could have been under extended warranty, seems mighty early to me fir this much damage to appear unless owner ran over something early in ownership that clogged weep drainage?

Dean Dee says:

what about all the body line contours? the outer lines of the cab where its rounded so forth that's going to be glassed up to match all the lines then?

Jack Spratt says:

I appreciate this is a quick fix for the inspection but I think you really should have cut the rust out before welding the new pieces in.

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