No Start: Ford 7.3L IDI Diesel Glow Plug Relay Clicking Repair

No Start: Ford 7.3L IDI Diesel Glow Plug Relay Clicking Repair

You can grab a new relay and module assembly still from Here-(check fitment guide)
You can grab the proper glow plugs here–(check fitment guide)
In this video I show you exactly why the Glow Plug Relay is clicking, how to diagnose it!



World of Nobody says:

I've replaced the glow module, 8 new glow plugs, mine latches for 15 or 20 seconds, then starts cycling on and off.
Also replaced the the connectors.
Kinda at a loss wtf is going on with it. maybe got a bad oem new plug, dunno, all light a test light checking them.
Possible its bad and looses continuity in the heat cycle?

Chris Duhaime says:

Dealing with different pain will not turn off in run position

64maxpower says:

I thought it was supposed to click. My truck is difficult to start.

robert chiarizia says:

If it is 90degrees where I am, does it matter if the glow plugs are working or not? Changed fuel pump, still no fuel to injectors.
Crank no start. Told to spray ether in intake. No gas to put on rag to cover intake at location.

Matt George says:

Thank you for doing a video on these old beast! It's hard to find any videos for it. Please do more!

Leonel Gonzalez says:

I have a question I have 91 idi 7.3 but every time I turn the headlights the truck crank s

anthony pariani says:

Thank you. Finally a simple answer, on a 7.3 and not a powerstroke. Finding this was like seeking the holy grail! Once again, I thank you.

Gary Berger says:

Can you use a regular test light to check in glowplugs?

Victor Lopez says:

I needed the part on how to replace them, I’ve been all over YouTube and still can’t find how to replace glow plugs on a 1992 f250 7.3L V8

Ilya Angere says:

Thank you! Great information.

Kyle Jacobs says:

Great video very well researched

Andrew J. McCauley says:

Thanks a lot for this.

Justin Owens 93 says:

Thank you for this video I was just about to go buy a relay figure I’d see if anyone else had this problem your vid showed up watched it ck my glow plugs and I got one bad

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