How to STOP THE CLICKING from rear air control (2004 Ford Explorer)

How to STOP THE CLICKING from rear air control (2004 Ford Explorer)

In this video shows you how to replace the rear AC temperature blend actuator and stop the clicking noise.

The clicking is coming from little plastic gears inside the actuator case. Once the teeth wear out the gears can’t grip each other and just pass by each other.

If you don’t have control of you rear temp and there is no clicking then there could be a couple things wrong: 1. The plastic teeth are totally shredded and there just nothing left, so you need to replace the actuator. OR 2. Your switch could be bad. Or 3. maybe there’s a fuse issue. or 4. maybe something else… To diagnose if its the gears in the actuator, you can remove and inspect them as I show in the video.

I hope this video helps you out and saves you some time!



stan pen says:

needed to start from the begining on how you removed the panels. also video is dark

Shaun Spellman says:

I have an 03 and looking to change mine as well! I just need to find the gear pcs… small and large!

Ronnie McDade says:

Thx for info

Khalid Kfy73 says:

The video is great it was helpful thanks

Tate Chasers says:

never even used mine, that noise has been driving me crazy for a week, messed around with the rear controls for a few minutes and it finally shut off, fixed, thanks for posting

SDM says:

I've got no AC in the back of my 2005 Lincoln Aviator you figured that would be the same fix

Boogie Jules says:

Do you know if you can order these actuators online? I don't have a spare explorer to borrow parts from lol

Adam Knight says:

My rear actuator started clicking last summer. Since the season change, I have been able to adjust the rear HVAC 'just so' to get it to stop. But, occasionally it will kick in and become obnoxious. I have changed the front one and that is a nightmare. But, this one seems sooo much easier, it just seems access is the pain. Thanks for the video, I imagine I will be tackling this one before the summer comes.

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