How to replace sway links on a 2003 Ford Explorer

How to replace sway links on a 2003 Ford Explorer

Here are some of the tools that jimthecarguy uses
Do you have a knocking or banging noise in the front end of you car or truck this could be your problem.In this video I will show you how to replace sway bar inks.
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Kenneth R Huffman Sr says:

thanks for making it look so easy my job on thursday on my Ford

michael wright says:

After installing the bushes Ling do you have to do alignment

L.A. Commander says:

Love his accent: "Fowad Explowah" LOL

John Sigler says:

Awesome video, this has helped me a lot

C A says:

I've seen a few videos and the torque varies. You torqued far more than most. When I did my rear links, the part instructions stated to just snug until about 3 threads were showing. That's what I did. I've been nervous about it ever since. I used lock tight as instructed. Should I re-torque the nuts? Do I need to remove them or loosen them and apply fresh lock tight? Thank you.

I Ship says:

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Darlene Kirkland says:

How much does this cost in a shop?

Raisoko says:

What about the body bushings?

Dawn Trahan says:

How do I know what is making this noise popping grinding noise .

Rob Bravo says:

i think my 4th gen has a broken sway bar i need to check tomorrow

Mark Dodson says:

Is there a way other then through comments to discuss a 2002 ford explorer timing chain and guide replacement

James Kellar says:

Great video and keep em coming.

Elly Filho says:

Great video sir. Thank you sir.

C. M. says:

Does sway bar adjust? My sway link and bushings wont fit bar is too low….sway kink running on my CV axle

Jimthecarguy says:

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Is this the front or rear sway link?

Leo Lopez says:

Thank very helpful have two explorers and one of them was missing the bushings and the other didn’t have any (just bought it ) thinking it was the shocks but it’s the sway bar links. Still doing the whole front end on them tomorrow morning.

Unknown KansasBoy says:

this just happened to me last week smh

mr fox says:

Ty need that

Arthur Bilton says:

Install the links on both sides on both sides before you tighten them down.

Louie Aguilar says:

Thank you so much for this video. You're the man 🙂

teddy doyle says:

should have put some oil on it duh

19D3lta says:

Thank you for the video very helpful

Kenneth Gates says:

Very informative video. Thank you

Kenneth Gates says:

Are the rear seat bars assembled in the same manner

Cruz Rosas Jr. says:

Thank you jim as allways good job. ✌

Elijah Green says:

Great video, thanks for the help. Is it likely that after tightening one side the other will be harder to align? should I put both sides on loosely before tightening them?

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