How to Replace Rear Door Latch 09-14 Ford F150

How to Replace Rear Door Latch 09-14 Ford F150

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In the video, 1A Auto shows how to replace a broken or stuck rear door latch. The video is applicable to the 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Ford F-150

🔧 List of tools used:
• 10mm Socket
• 6mm Socket
• 8mm Socket
• Trim Tool Set
• Needle nose pliers
• Needle nose pliers
• T27 Torx Driver
• Socket Extensions
• Pick

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nitrate375 says:

What do u do if the doors locked an u can't get too the mounting bolts on the lock actuator too get it out on a ford f150 supercab 2012 rear passenger door

Mirna Olvera says:

Good information. Thank you.

Josh Moore says:

Soo if you can open the door from the inside and the unlock and lock function works and the key for the stupid child lock is UNLOCKED and the OUTSIDE HANDLE wont open the door and all the rods and connectors arent broke or loose. I need to replace that whole latch assembly? My outside door opener wont allow the door to open it wont move that latch at all. But if youre inside you can open and get out. And the door is always UNLOCKEX

tecolote911 says:

I have that problem but the big issue is the door is locked how I can open the door ?

Pablo Sanchez says:

I have 2012 f150 and the rear passenger door wont open. It releases the top latch i can feel it but the bottom latch wont open. So how do i get the door panel off to fix the bottom cable?

kevjou1 says:

Try starting with the door closed and locked. With a failed lock mechanism. That's the magic.

Layne Johnson says:

Why would the door lock but not unlock
Nice informative video thanks

Aric Wiese says:

Great video! Easy to follow. Just finished installing new latch on rear driver door, electric lock still does not work. Any other suggestions?

Dalen says:

Just did this exact replacement on my 2013 F150. Same door, etc. This video was awesome to help me see what I was getting into before I started removing panels, etc. I had my laptop next to me and did the step by step per the video. Only difference is I didn't see the need for and didn't remove the door latch cable and plug. I simply supported the door panel to the side. It saved a couple of steps. Anyway, super Thanks for your video!!! Great job!! You are serving well all the DIY's out here in reality land. Also…saved me $200 vs. taking it to the local dealer.

Chef Rose Kitchen says:

I replaced the actuator, the door will lock/unlock while the door is open. It still will not lock/unlock when the door is shut. Any suggestions on what to check next is greatly appreciated.

Chase Pinder says:

I have a 2010 platinum with seat heaters in the back. Is there just one extra connection or is it more complicated?

Jamie Benton says:

Great tutorial. Had no problems.

DaddyBeanDaddyBean says:

The panel in the armrest where the window switch is should pry out with a plastic trim tool, so you can unplug the wiring harness from the front side instead of behind.

Wesley Johnston says:

Excellent video, thank you

Fred Higgenbottom says:

You produced a 1st rate educational, video that was extremely well thought out, well explained and user friendly! From what I learned on the video I was able to do the same repair on my F150 Lariat Crew Cab truck. The only problem I experienced during my repair job which was not covered in the video was the final step of aligning and installing the bottom two panel screws securing the door panel to the door. I couldn't get the holes to align. Using a skinny ice pick tool from the pack of four mini O-ring picks I purchased at Harbor Freight for the job (cost $1.99 before tax) I was finally able to align the holes in the panel with the threaded holes in the door. It was tricky but doable! Thanks so much for this amazing aide!

David Puryear says:

Excellent, first rate video. Thank you! Unfortunately the new actuator did not fix the problem but that only indicates that it is in the wiring somewhere. Great video!

Nicole C says:

Excellent, thorough video! You did a great job of showing the details and explaining everything. Especially how to remove the different clips and connections. If you don't normally work on cars that is important so you don't break a clip! My 10 year old son and I replaced this on my truck and it took less than an hour and I don't know anything about fixing vehicles!

Rebekah Croney says:

Any tips for if the door is stuck shut? I cannot remove the 3 outer bolts with the door shut!

Shannon Smiley says:

I have an extended cab xlt are the driver's side and the passenger side the same process?

djaap30 says:

What were the symptoms before replacing?

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