How to Replace Ignition Coil 00-04 Ford Focus

How to Replace Ignition Coil 00-04 Ford Focus

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This video shows how to remove and replace a failed, damaged, weak, or misfiring ignition coil. The video is applicable to the 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 Ford Focus.

🔧 List of tools used:
• T25 Socket
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Dielectric Grease
• Marker / Writing Utensil
• Magnet – Extendable

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easyrider020 says:

Thanks for the video.i had a question
Should I disconnect the battery min before installing the ignition coil?

Prayerefire says:

Good video. My 2000 Focus has bolts at all four corners. Also it might be worth mentioning the cylinders are sequentially numbered starting at the opposite end from the coil in case you forget to number the wires.

closedcaptioncomedy says:

I notice this is the ztech DOHC engine, will this be the same process for a Se model SOHC engine?

Kymani Benz says:

Tx for the vidéos

Geovanny German says:

I'm looking forward to becoming one of your customers, I love all your videos and you seem very reliable, good job see you soon…

Kathy Galvin says:

one thing that might help people like me is explaining or showing why these parts need replacing before do the placement. the sound it makes…how to know the part is broken. like a diagnosis example. I have had to learn the hard way. now I know what my truck sounds like when the coil goes out! but it cost me time, money and frustration trying to figure out what was wrong in the first place.

XxHyJyNxX says:

Literally JUST had to change this part yesterday.. for what it’s worth, anyone replacing the ignition coil should take a really good look at the connecting harness. They’re notorious for cracking insulation around the base of the connector wires, usually requiring replacement as well. Go figure, the harness is about as much as the whole coil! Any cracks in the housing of the coil, it’s shot. Any cracks in the wiring harness connector, it’s shot. Symptoms include jerking under acceleration, dead misfire, and poor idle.

Edit – Also, when fastening the four Torx-head screws, be sure to tighten them evenly and completely! The metallic sleeves in the ‘ears’ of the coil bolt-holes act as the ground for the coil. Loose screws = bad connection .

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