How to Replace Fuel Tank, Straps, Pump 98-12 Ford Crown Victoria

How to Replace Fuel Tank, Straps, Pump 98-12 Ford Crown Victoria

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A fuel tank replacement may eventually be necessary due to punctures or leaks, especially in older vehicles with metal tanks. If your vehicle requires removing the tank to replace the fuel pump, its a good idea to do both at the same time. This video shows you how to replace the fuel tank and pump in your 1998-2012 Ford Crown Victoria.

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Random 549 says:

Awesome video – As I am watching my local mom & pop repair shop is dropping my tank & replacing the fuel tank pressure sensor. They gave me a ball park price of $600 & after watching I am glad I am having it done instead of trying it myself.

Canadian kid says:

Looks good , what kind of rubber lube do we use is it silicone none purtrolum base .

Nate Ledbetter says:

What are the two green parts called at 9:12?

SilverBullet93GT says:

15:27 i turned my head away for a second then i see him starting the vehicle.
Rewind… oh :=))

Ruben Martinez says:

Trying to replace my fuel tank pressure sensor, anyone know how I can lower the tank without dropping it all the way?

Owen Terry says:

How does this pump have no return line?

Jack Colton says:

You want to make sure the tank is empty. But if the fuel pump has failed you can't pump it out. Would be nice if someone had a cool way to drain the tank and not just say "empty the tank first", if you're changing a fuel pump.

Nolan .L says:

Anyone know how to tell if you have a twist in pressure valve or a push in style? Do you need to drop the tank to tell?

Mike Ramirez says:

I need to know whats the vin# on it. I need that fuel preassure valve, the orangial doesnt have a twice. I bought a tank and of course after asking if its the right one many times and with the vin, was still able to send the wrong one. Were can i get that part i NEED it asap.

08 ford crown vic police inter

Elemeno says:


What is that wire called???

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