How to Replace Front Struts 10-13 Ford Fiesta

How to Replace Front Struts 10-13 Ford Fiesta

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install , fix, change or replace your front shocks with their loaded struts. This video is applicable to the 10, 11, 12, 13 Ford Fiesta

🔧 List of tools used:
• Pry Bar
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• Trim Tool Set
• T30 Driver
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Torque Wrench
• Rust Penetrant
• 5mm Hex Wrench

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Air-Eck says:

Very thorough & informative…keep up with more diy instructions for 2011 fiesta S! You’re helping me save thou$ands!

Scott says:

Sue is amazing! Very good teacher.

Robert Breckenridge says:

Top: 29
Bottom: 59

The Dubster says:

This is also the same for a 2014 model fiesta. Just did it yesterday and was the exact same. You do not need to remove the wipers and all that stuff. You can do it by removing the brake fluid reservoir. Much easier

Michael McDermed says:

i love these 1a auto videos and i love Sue! i could watch her give repair instructions all day long! ya'll are helping me save a lot of money! and i'm learning new skills and learning about my car it's great!

Jayce Ingham says:

Why is this lady not explaining why the windshield wipers had to be removed before she even does it

George Davis says:

I couldn't help but notice the spring on the new strut were a lot less beefier than the one on the manufactures strut. Wouldn't it be better to just replace the strut in the old springs? Other than that, it was a good step by step video!

MooDog's Frugal Adventures! says:

Is it the same procedure for the hatchback?

Andrei Adochiti says:

What a terrible design to reach to the front struts!!

Lowell K. Naho'opi'i Jr. says:

Awesome work 1A Auto

MetalCard says:

Both front struts in my 13 Fiesta were leaking and on the way out. Rear passenger shock was blown. A mix of terrible roads, 110+ summer temps, sub 30f winters, and 100k miles. This video along with the rear shock video helped me replace all 4 struts/shocks in under 3.5 hours with hand tools and an impact drill. Suspension feels like when I bought the car new, and more importantly safe to drive again.

Thanks for the bolt sizes and torque specs as well, that was a god send.

mlindholm says:

Some of this video was looking pretty familiar, I had some major deja-vu going on. Then I noticed how shiny the brake rotor got at 1:50, and it all made sense!

Obviously it makes sense to record videos on multiple subjects, when you’re in the same area of the car. Use the common clips between them, and only take stuff apart once. I appreciate all the videos on the Fiesta repairs! I haven’t done a whole lot yet on my 2015 Fiesta SFE, but these have helped me feel good about what I need to do, given the lack of a Hayes or Chiltons manual 🙁

Christopher Miller says:

Thanks my Swaybar link was spinning.

Harleyforever20 says:

Why remove that shroud and the wipers? Couldn’t you get to the top of the strut bolts by moving the brake master cylinder?

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