How to Replace Front Lower Ball Joint 2004-08 Ford F150

How to Replace Front Lower Ball Joint 2004-08 Ford F150

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Modern suspensions combine a number of moving parts for safe and stable handling. The ball joint is the crucial moving component that ties those parts together. The ball-in-socket joint can wear out and loosen over time. Or, the rubber protective boot can tear, allowing contaminants to seize the joint. Bad ball joints are a common failure point on vehicle inspections because they lead to unsafe driving conditions. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to replace with the right know-how. This video shows you how to install new, quality TRQ ball joints on your 2004-2008 Ford F150.

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Mike Froehler says:

BONK DAT TING!! Yeah baby!!!

PDF says:

Straight to the point, no nonsense and in less than15 minutes. Great video, thank you.

Alan Rivera says:

Great job and he explained really well i will totally recommend this video as people who wants to learn how to change lower ball joints….

Timothy says:

U completely slipped the part where u have to separate the CV shaft from the steering knuckle. The video skips to where your removing the lower ball joint and the CV shaft is already separated. U cannot do this job with removing the CV shaft from the steering knuckle but somehow u guys think u did. Boo

Michael W Dagle says:

Why loosen the jam nut on the tie rod?

Tami Ibrock says:

As clear as fresh water from mountain. Thanks

mufflerbelt1 says:

Good video. You forgot to retighten the locknut on the outer tie rod though. Otherwise a good job and helpful video.

Michael J. Strickland says:

Great vid. Thx u

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