How to Replace Front Driver's Door Panel 15-19 Ford F-150

How to Replace Front Driver's Door Panel 15-19 Ford F-150

1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a door panel. Door panels need to be removed to access the inside components of the door, like the window regulator or exterior door handles. This video is applicable to the 16 Ford F150

🔧 List of tools used:
• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• 7mm Socket
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions
• Pick

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Nathaniel Youngman says:

At 2:14 you need to pry the bottom seam at the top of that small panel, not the top seam. Just an FYI

TheChaztor says:

Cat caused wife to spill milkshake down door panel (long story). Thanks for help getting it fully cleaned out.

Tim Thorson says:

All good and fine but, how about the rear door panels?? I'm stuck at the part separating the trim from the seat belt ?!?

Robby Bain says:

Lol I like how the video cuts to a different part of the video before showing him remove the 3rd panel he removes under the door handle haha. That thing was super hard and almost broke haha. I wonder if he broke it lol. Thank you for the info though! I've used so many of your videos for help.

334 TRAX says:

2:07 did the piece of plastic that flew off cause any rattling etc with the handle?

Samuel Lopez says:

Buena explicación me ayudo mucho gracias

David Mcclam says:

Is there a video available for replacing the keypad entry button module on a 2015 F150 platinum?

Matt Wallace says:

Those door clips are bastards! Great Video 1A-Auto, thanks very much!

Wade Harrison says:

On the mirror trim and the bottom of the door mine were seven mm and the 4 around door handle area was eight mm

David Lozano says:

Nice illustration thank you for your help sir

Ramon Castillo says:

This was a great short clip with details that I needed to pull my door off so I could complete some work that was unfinished. A big thank you to 1AAuto

K Fiddy says:

you guys cut off the part for removing that middle piece below the door handle. i'm having trouble removing that

anton alexeev says:

Great video, I am thinking about adding Ghost Shadow lights to my truck and was wondering how hard is it to remove to door skin. All I need now is to figure out where I am going to get the power source. Thank you

Steve Vise says:

You guys just saved my butt. I had to change out the door glass, and was a little puzzled as to where all the fasteners were. Your 5 minute vid was just what i needed !

HotShotMedic says:

Great video! I have a rattle in my drivers door that I’m going to go hunting for, this video will be my guide.

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