How to replace emergency brake shoes Ford F150, F250 or Expedition '97-'03

How to replace emergency brake shoes Ford F150, F250 or Expedition '97-'03

A non- working brake light in a 2000 Ford F150 led to overheating and the need for replacement of the emergency brake shoes. This video details how to do this job on a vehicle with rear disc brakes along with emergency drum brakes. Similar vehicles are the ’97-’03 F250, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator.



onefixitman says:

Great job. Getting ready to do the brakes on my borther's 1999 F150 with 300K miles on the clock. It should be fun.

todd jones says:

I did both rear brake pads and rotors yesterday… on one the asbestos fell off the drum brake on the other side there was no drum brake at all.. how much trouble am I looking at

EyeBeam light says:

Hey good job, thanks.

Andres Wynter says:

Excellent instructions many thanks

tug tug says:

thanks good job

Joel Cromwell says:

Good video, however some penetrant on the springs clips and adjuster would've made life easier. Also disassemble the adjuster clean it up and apply some brake grease to the threads. I'm surprised the shoes didn't come with a new spring kit clips ect… Would've also made the job go easier.

Joseph DeGreeff says:

Do you have to dial back the self adjuster to set the gap?

Joseph DeGreeff says:

If you wanted to set the adjuster prior to installing the new brake shoes. Is there setting. measurement or number of turns you could do?

Gary Nair says:

I'm sure its in the comments b4, change the accessories like the springs, they're work out and rusted. They're cheap. No sense. using new shoes and mechanically worn out old springs and hold down clamps

Cash Money says:

Thanks! I'm about to replace mine.

bocfat says:

appreciate the video

stevest1300 says:

I know you cheated. Those rotors do not just slide off like that. You popped them earlier didn't you there Skippy 😉

I've tried to get my Excursion rotors off to service the e-brake and I stopped only short of using dynamite. The e-brake hasn't worked in 15 years and will continue to do so until I can get those fuggin rotors off.

Adam Pierce says:

does this fix a emergency brake that does not engage?

Captain Morgan says:

So you replace the brakes but don’t show the actual cable and how to replace

C Coates says:

Anyone doing this A) put the truck on jack stands, never work under a jack. B) pull the x bracket and clean it up, file or bench wire brush will clean em right up.

Patrick Allen says:

That rusty lever that the cable hooks on can cause the brakes to stick in the on position!!

Greg Duncan says:

Great video! Helped me immensely

Gregory Todd Smith says:

The 250 is a completely different setup. The title is in error. Good video of this setup though.

Shay Ogburn says:

I have a 98 F150 with rear drum brakes instead of disc. Is there a separate set of emergency brakes for my truck or is it the drum brakes? By the way, this past summer I replaced my starter with your video, you were a huge help with that, thanks!

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