How to Replace Coolant Ford F-150 5.4L 2004-2008

How to Replace Coolant Ford F-150 5.4L 2004-2008

This is how to change the coolant for a Ford F150 5.4L 2004-2008. I used a little over a gallon of coolant concentrate and a little over a gallon of distilled water. Doing this job is fairly easy and you really only need a bucket. If you are going to use a socket on the plastic drain plug BE GENTLE it is plastic and fragile.

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DIY Empire says:

But I love Geysers

bpetnoi says:

Why make it so difficult. It is either passenger side or drivers side. So simple. Such as in "when dropping the fuel tank it is much easier to remove the bolts on the drivers side first". It doesn't matter if the tank is on the left or ride of the vehicle it is easier to understand which bolts to remove first relative to passenger side or drivers side. Also I agree with the 50/50 mix as that is the percentage where you will get the best upper temperature control and the lowest freezing point. I also agree with you about distilled water.

Bitchassness says:

Is it absolutely crucial to use Ford brand coolant? I got 60/40 turbo power. Buddy at local auto store told me thatll be good

Frank C says:

you only drained and replaced the radiator coolant of about 2gal… the rest dirty coolant is still in the engine and heater core about another 2gal … check your manual for the coolant capacity on the truck and compare how much you really left behind !… if going to do all this work to "replace" then replace the whole system not just 1/2 !

victor h says:

I live in Minnesota where we get temperatures below zero do I have to used half water and half antifreeze or just antifreeze?

Abe H says:

Is it necessary to mix the coolant and water before???????

Warren Osborne says:

I always just drain it all out then fill it up with distilled water to warm it up then flush it out the let it cool and fill it up with ready mixed Prestone

Johnny Stallworth says:

U really help me with my headlights.

al-x-d says:

At some points it sounds like you're sponsored by ford and Kroger


Hey bro can you help me i have 1 question i bought coolant and put some and the coolant just dissapeared through the hole were it goes and before it needed colant the belt broke and got warm but now i dont know whats the problem it just drinks the coolant fast help plz

Cap’n Cooks Krystal Ship says:

What is kind of a lot of coolant ?

Brad Birner says:

I have a 2005 Ford F-150 4.6 L what coolant would I use

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