How To MIG Spot Weld on Replacement Panels Boogie Van Fender Install

How To MIG Spot Weld on Replacement Panels Boogie Van Fender Install

On this episode of Make It Kustom, I’m installing the front sheet metal on the boogie van! Also we are having the original paint corrected and paint matching the front clip with custom mixed spray paint of the original paint code.


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InMyOpinion! says:

Hey Carl, digging the van. I'm a 70s guy, I know the joys of the home away from home high school bedroom. Enjoy brother!

Bart Dijks says:

It is pretty much the same method that I have used on fenders from old tractors welding the support structure on backside. Used this because we didn't own a spot welder

Bill Adams says:

And use jack stands. I can't believe you don't have a couple somewhere.

Bill Adams says:

I don't want to be a weener or anything, but you should consider wearing a dust mask when you're grinding. You're getting all sorts of who knows what in your lungs. Micro particles of paint, rust, road dirt, brake dust, and whatever else can accumulate on an old vehicle. After grinding all day I used to feel like I had smoked a couple packs of unfiltered Camels. Now that I wear a mask, it's not so bad. I use a blast cabinet a lot, and after spending a couple hours on it, I can see how dirty the mask has gotten! Same with grinding. I'm working on some old MGBs and Midgets. These things are janky af, and I wear a mask and a face shield. Just my suggestion for you so you don't have emphysema in 30 years.

scottie Hunnybunnywoowoo says:

Just a comment on using tex screws we call then in the UK The self drilling screws you mentioned. I prefer a drill over an impact driver. So much more controllable. But hey man loving your work you have skillz I can only dream of.

MonadKing says:

It's looks great! I'm surprised you did not take the dent out of that hood. Now that it's painted it really stands out more unfortunately.
They also make the 2 part epoxy paint in a can with a valve you hit which mixes the hardner.
I painted some rear fenders of a friend's old car and after it was painted he wanted me to polish the whole car because the work I did looked so much better than his car.he

The Insane Shecklador says:

If it were me I think I'd have painted the fenders and hood a different color and then extended some scallops onto the door. That would have taken the color match gamble out of the equation.

That being said it does match pretty damn good for 40 year old paint straight mixed straight out of the book without custom tinting it to match.

Richard says:

Hi, I have an 84' G20, any help to find front fenders? Help!

CAR OLD says:

1970s through early 1980s called and said they wanted thier van back. What an awesome job!

Joe Cioe says:

Great job. Great lessons

Tuck646 says:

The front needs flames anyway.

B's Coffee and Welding says:

Rattle cans love em hate em, I always soak for 10mins in hot water before mixing to loosen up the sediment and then at the end to increase pressure, turning the top at the end to find where the tube is works to get the very last bit out, bloody nice finish tho Karl

Mike Pelelo says:

Needed to wait a couple days to make the time to watch this longer video. It was worth the wait. The van has come out really really nice so far. Good job and thanks!

TgWags says:

That would be some work to make that chevy look like a vanagon.

jami W says:

Finishing touches are everything ❤

jami W says:

❤❤❤❤ another throwback beauty

Jeremy hanna says:

The one thing you got to realize is Karl is professional. So on your project after you clamp and line up fenders before you weld double check the door opens properly. Some vechile there is a lip on the door past the hinge that has to pivot inside the fender as you open the door. So make sure it operates properly before you weld it in place.

Phillip Marlowe says:

Ellio is a much better cameraman than your off hand and tripod are.

koolkar55 says:

Hope you are OK Karl. Great work but you have been a little vague lately & not your normal bubbly self. Life has challenges & hope you are coping. Billy J… Queensland, Australia.

jeffery warburton says:

The brown they used in the 1960s vans had more black in it.

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