How To Install Spindle Lift on a Ford Ranger or Mazda Pick up

How To Install Spindle Lift on a Ford Ranger or Mazda Pick up

Buy the kit used in this video here (3-inch):

For model years 2001 to 2011, use this kit:

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ɹǝʞᴉɹʇs ɹǝʞʎɹ says:

GET CAMBER BOLTS! or you will have some silly camber.
Just install this lift over the weekend. Seriously get them and install them during the process not after its all done. Don't make my mistake.

Eddie Reyes says:

Thanks for the video! I would like to ask if you would need to get an aftermarket upper control arm with this kit and where did you get it?

Pilgrim Here says:

Is that all it need to lift it up higher ? 2"? 3"? how high it gets?

paulanthonydean2 says:

Great video..

Gregory Robertson says:

Great video

SpadeVisuals says:

Do you need spring spacers too??

Wes says:

Really good video and editing. Forgot one part though, the turn radius will be reduced without this step.

Using a die grinder with a
cutoff wheel, remove approximately ¼” from the front lip of the lower control arm from the previous marked spot around the front radius of the lower control arm in front of
the ball joint. This will allow clearance for installation of
the new lift spindle. Increased turn radius for large tires.

R bruno Riddick says:

Ey shows the job done please!

James II says:

What all else do I need woth the spindle lift? New coil springs? And all that?

Dayton Hanson says:

What's the average cost to do this? Thinking about doing it to my ranger.

Shawn Holman says:

This guy knows his stuff! Easy Peasy! Easy as 123!

Alex Romero says:

I think your brake pad fell out

Jimmy Flores says:

Dang. I want this guy to my spindle lift kit! Lol

Houuboii says:

✨ G E N T L Y S M A C K O N T H I S ✨

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