How-To Install Lights Emblems Window Louver Ford Mustang Motorz #40

How-To Install Lights Emblems Window Louver Ford Mustang Motorz #40

Chris sshows you how to install various aftermarket appearance accessories on a Ford Mustang GT.

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Accessories include painted engine part covers from Midwest Auto Gear, chrome engine caps from Stack Racing, tail light trim, replacement halo headlights and halo fog lights, new GT emblems, side decals, as well as a retro rear window louver.



Sky1 says:

Guess you have not seen the plastic razor blade with WD40 trick.

Ryan B says:

The louvers…lol!!! Mustang trying so hard to be a Camaro.

DoodleGoose says:

7/32 socket? On what? Everything on a car is metric

Chip Reynolds says:

Aye my mustang is grabber orange a wth a black secondary on the spoiler hood scoop and chin spoiler

andres escarcega says:

is it me or this guy looks alike marshal from how I met your mother …lol btw great video

Q8 Rising says:

This man is a legend ! God bless these creative hands !

ballsofcheese says:

This car looks like dog shit

Jovan Mendiola says:

Is the louver the MMD ABS?
Or Willpak aluminum?

Denis Plutalov says:

This is just a pure fetish

Ricki Sidhu says:

No short throw dip stick

Stroud Cook says:

And the chrome caps

Stroud Cook says:

I would only use the radiator covers for the inside

Umn911 says:

I really want to know what company made that Leuver it looks like the Willpak.. which i bought.. and i got SHIT aluminum holders…. that fall off and peel off, due to the curv of the aluminum…. Aswell as the rattle makes me feel like im driving a rat rod.

EliteGeeks says:

ALL that work and used the PROP ROD?!?!?!  geeeez.. Hood Lift kit, just about $120 for a nice one.. ditch the rod

awdking says:

the before look way better, just need some cleaning with meguiars interior cleaning and its black. I agree the yellow look like crap

awdking says:

worse then ricer lol

JDM Toyota says:

Man this colour is nasty. I would've picked blue, green, or black. The engine bay looks like shit now, covered in Orange.

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