How To Install Axle shaft Vacuum And Dust Seal On Ford F250 F350 Excursion Superduty 1999-2004

How To Install Axle shaft Vacuum And Dust Seal On Ford F250 F350 Excursion Superduty 1999-2004

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How to Install your axle shaft seals and shaft back into your Dana 50 or Dana 60 Front Axle. Ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Excursion 1999-2004



TheHonestCactus says:

Brilliant, thanks for the tips. I'd definitely look to buy axle parts from you guys in the future.

Marcos Martinez says:

Awesome, but I went with the Timken upgraded dust seal. It is beefier, and offers better/longer protection. Thanks for the video

Olena Erhardt says:

I received new front Hub-bearing assembly, and they came w/additional parts. I thought
those additional parts are some king of seals for the bearing-hub assembly, and couldn't find out how
to put them together. Now I know that those mystical objects are Spicers, an Inner Axle seal for those who plan to extract that Axle. Thank you for the showing installation process though I plan just to change the Hub-bearing unit. In my set I also received two O rubber rings, where do they go? Is the process for a small car the same? Thank you for the film again.

lexustech48 says:

The OTC toll also helps to properly set the install depth of the axle/seal assembly into the knuckle.

Tony Cantu says:

Thank you for explaining that the axle spindle seal does not sit in the housing. I was struggling for like 2 hours yesterday even ripped one but it needed replacing anyways. Learning curve.

Cut Build Roam _ says:

Is that vacuum seal on backwards?


Thank youuuuu man… You are good☺️

Bill's Videos says:

Is a press the only option for this even if you use the 6695?

Ted EnderPalmer says:

Are use the 6695 tool to press the vacuum seal in place went fine, snap ring popped right in. Then I desired to do the u-joint so I removed the seal. After installing seal axle assy in to the hub I was not able to get the washer-thrush washer-washer and snap ring on, the seal is just not far enough down the shaft. I put the tool on and just beat the hell out of it, the end of my tool mushroomed, the seal did not move. I've tried and tried to pull the axle out, it just won't move. I've watched all your videos, can't figure what I did wrong. Now this is the second time I've done this, first time went fine. It's the second reinstallation of the same seal. Maybe I need a new seal but on one of your videos the seal. Passenger side went just fine.

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