How to Install Any Harmonic Balancer "With A $2.00 Homemade Tool" 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0L V6

How to Install Any Harmonic Balancer "With A $2.00 Homemade Tool"  1996 Ford Explorer 4.0L V6

Don’t have the tool to install Fords 4.0L harmonic balancer? No need follow this guide and install your balancer in 5 minutes or less with a $2.00 homemade tool from your local hardware store! This trick will work for most cars and light trucks!



Ramiro Rosales says:

You made me feel less stressed thank you buddy

Strat tone 73 says:

U left out most important part tourking the 37 nd 1/4 turn lol!! But confusing as for so many diff bolts swapping !! I Usually would use ARP bolt nd its heavy washer main bolt to mount it back on the crank ! Idk but i cant see why using so many bots just to mount a pulley !!

DubKing says:

false, not any balancer. not all crankshafts have threads!

Dennis Brown says:

why do you change the harmonica balancer? is it because the seal is bad only?

Helluva Dip says:

Using the crank threads to push on the balancer is risky.
A balancer installers is not 500$. Try 30$

Jeff Allen says:

It's a shame not one store within a 35 mile radius of me has this bolt…Have to order one online what a PITFA…

jfarinacci0329 says:

Good ideas. Thank you.

chucky chuck says:

I changed out my timing cover gasket on my ford taurus, it took me five minute with my impact gun if you use your impact right just cant hammer it in every 2 second she was moving in slowly just before she settle i used my torque wrench and torque her down to 90 ft lbs didn't want the engine to rotate all i use was my 2 pullies bolts an a wrench and braced it against my water pump no leaks from the power steering pump, coolant or oil pan gasketlot of work everything came off the front of that engine, i paper bag parts and bolt that cam off with it the bags was itimize and number in the order they came off you definitely wont be left with any extra bolts all my pullies were lined up correctly couldn't figure out why my temp gauge was acting crazy but it was all because of that gasket the engine wasn't seal tightly. i have two friends work at ford they said it was safe to use a impact just don't lay into it just make sure it lube

Michael Lorenson says:

That harmonic balancer is dead. The rubber is completely cracked and dry-rotted.

Martin Marin says:

How do u get it off

Bill coley says:

Where did you come across the bolt m12 x 1.50 90, or even longer

Wakjob says:

Yeah, this will work in a pinch…but if you bung those crank threads up, you're fook'd.
Plus, the rubber/silicon in that harmonic balancer looked like it was dry and cracking…replace.

Anonymous98 says:

Does Ford recommend using a new crank bolt each time you do a final reinstall of the harmonic balancer?

سامي حكمي says:

العلم نوار

PinnedWrist says:

5 mins or less but it's an 11 min video … time lapse bro

Chase says:

If you don't mind me asking how long is the bolt you're using and would you suggest any other length

Jonathan Catron says:

M12 with 1.50 pitch is bolt you need. Good vid

jammy46235 says:

I’ve done the same thing but I used 1/2 inch drive socket run the bolt through the socket works way better good video

JD TV... says:

It would of been great if you told us how long that bolt was

David Ibarra says:

The installer only costs $45 to rent. And you get your money back when you return it

Chris & Denise Wood says:

Chevy guys can change these in their sleep because they change them all the time. Chevy parts continually fail, again and again, kid trucks, junk.

Kevin Hamilton says:

Good for backyard stuff. U could easily stress the threads on the crank shaft n cause damage tho. Use allthread ,nuts ,washer n a roller thrust bearing…or better yet get the installer tool. Good luck y'all

Commander Stud says:

Are chevy trucks easier to work on?

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