How to Install Alpine Amps Subwoofer Ford F-150 Motorz #12

How to Install Alpine Amps Subwoofer Ford F-150 Motorz #12

Chris shows you how to upgrade the stock speakers on a Ford F-150, replacing them with speakers, amps and a subwoofer from Alpine Electronics, a subwoofer enclosure from SuperCrewSound, and a deep cycle battery from OPTIMA.

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Marcus Blackmon says:

I want this guy to hook up my system in my f150

Jacob Green says:

Where are videos on Ford Fusion 2014???

Chaplin says:

crimping butt connectors for the tweeter isn't good. you need a more quick release solution for when someone has to take the door panel off in the future for whatever reason

Coach Chris says:

Hey great video… I have a question. I have a pair ofAudiobahn 12" subwoofers… Any way I can make those work in an F-150?

Lord Patrick Pedigo says:

Is this a smr video?

Excitable101 says:

did you run the power wire next to the rca cables? never do that, recipe for static.

Excitable101 says:

you Don't need to remove the switches to remove the speaker cover…..

Ford #1 says:

2014 Ford f150 sport stx super cab factory radio wiring diagram.

Daniel sill says:

why don't you share the links on where you got the product? i want the same thing for my truck as well!!

ewewell says:

how much is this system

Book Gee says:

Yea – that's understood and very basic. I'm addressing feedback over the mic. Ie..9th gen Honda same issue, but you can go into the diag menu shut it off or unplug the module. I'm NOT new to Installs; I have 19 years experience but ive mostly worked on rides that don't have this issue. Does anyone know about the ANC/MIC Interference on the 2012-2015 f150 and how to disable the mics?

Book Gee says:

Did you have to disconnect the anc? Im getting feedback from the audio system (mics).

Stock hd to the AC LCQ1 and then to the amp and speakers. It's feedback. Any idea how to stop this in a 2015 f150?


is there a dash a dash that will fit the alpine 9 inch in a same truck

dbkustomz says:

Small crossovers my ass lol those r bigger than the speakers smh

VicJackpotRider says:

I have the same head unit in my 2004 pathfinder and it won't play videos… Called crutchfield and they weren't much help because I didn't buy it from them!

certified30 says:

imagine you buy a brand new truck that cots you tons of money only to take it to some guy so he can cut you doors with dremel tool and put holes on your floors.

K-N-I Outdoors says:

How do you wire tweeters

Fresc222 says:

20 bucks for some shitty molded plastic? wow

Shaun Ober says:

Should have went 2 type R 12s like i did in my 05 SuperCrew, Supercrewsound said they couldn't make me a box to fit these subs under the seat. Ha

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