Ford Trans Range Sensor Install Without Special Tools

Ford Trans Range Sensor Install Without Special Tools

You can grab a new range sensor here for much cheaper-(check fitment guide)
In this video I show just how easy it is to install a Ford Trans Range Sensor and Align it right without any special tools.



whitetail313 says:

Hey, I have an 04 f150 and was wondering what is the best way to get the gear selector nut off? I've sprayed it with pb blaster, but I don't want to put a lot of pressure there to break it loose.

Tony Weiss says:

I have 2001 F250 that keeps showing P0705 and flashing Overdrive on dash have replaced Transmission Range Sensor 3 times and code is still there. Replaced Wire Harness at Sensor and code is still there, how do I find the harness on the engine side? And wiring Diagram. Love your videos helped me a lot with my old Expedition.

mumbles552 says:

I just had the 5R55S out of my 2002 explorer to replace the rear crank seal and now the tranny wont shift into third from drive. It behaves as if it is still in drive and even shifts thru the gears when starting out from a dead stop with the shifter in third. Could this be the culprit as the trans was recently fully rebuilt and all of the solenoids passed the ohm test with flying colors? The shift lever was also rather stiff after the install but has loosened up since.

Coyote says:

That is upside down, compared to my Mustang.
Same switch.

Wesley Belk says:

Hello! Thanks for all the help you’ve given me with my truck so far, haha. I have an 05 F150 4.6L with a reman trans installed at ford dealership (warranty went out 2 months before this happened and they said “good luck” when I called about it) that wont go into OD. First occurred going down highway at 70mph, truck neutrals out. 1st, 2nd, and reverse all work great. Just neutrals out around 40 mph now instead of shifting. I pulled the valve body per your video on the broken snap ring for the od servo. Everything looked good inside, nothing broken or any valves stuck. I have no codes or have had any flashing lights. Could that be this switch if everything except OD works fine? There’s been a few times where it will crank but wont start unless its in neutral. Thanks for the years of help!

Kisco Kwakye says:

how to change transmission range sensor mazda range 2017

An Angry Customer says:

So I think this just went in my 01expedition. Overdrive light blinking on and off, won't accelerate but it got me home very slowly (thankfully) is this the real issue? Got a code P0707. Help! I love my expedition

Doug Gregory says:

I did a PMI PCM replacement on a 2018 Full size transit cargo, performed parameter reset after programming completed all using IDS with VCM2. When finished no illuminated prindle, no start, with range sensor codes. Reinstalled old pcm prindle returned and restarted. this was a new PCM from Ford. Bad PCM or did I miss something?

Ironcloud Metalworks says:

Thanks! I was just reading the FSM and it said "use the special tool" — glad it isn't really needed.


I love this guy

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