Ford Super Duty Dana 50 & 60 Inner Axle Seal Repair

Ford Super Duty Dana 50 & 60 Inner Axle Seal Repair

The first sign of a bad inner axle seal often times is a leak that may appear as dampness around the seal. High mileage vehicles are most likely to require an inner axle seal repair.
Learn how to complete the inner axle seal repair – and which tools are necessary for a successful repair – in this tech tip!

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ranjah007 says:

Oh boy. I had my super duty inner seal changed three times from the same shop and every time it starts leaking within a few months. I bet the monkeys didn’t have the specialty tool. Ended up doing the seal replacements myself with the specialty tool and it’s been a year no leaks. Great video. To the point and useful

#RideLife says:

We have a ton of 350’s and a couple of 450’s and all of them have the same issue where the 4×4 doesn’t work unless the hubs are manually locked.. does anyone know why that is and how to fix it? Thanks

TJ Ridl says:

Does the seal seat the same depth on a 50 vs a 60 DANA? i see one company makes one installer just for 50 and says its seats different, but I see several companies that make 50/60 seal installers.

Alberto Amador says:

Labor how many hours should that pay, adding labor to replace u joints on the shafts.

dunno yolo says:

Cant you just unbolt 4 bolts on hub assembly and slide it out as a whole unit ? And have to remove brake caliper and rotor.

gr8guitarplayer says:

When he pulled the hub bearing assembly you could see how much play the upper ball joint had. Can you imagine how bad that truck rode, and probably ate tires??

car guy says:

Can I put in 2 seals a inch or so apart from one another

Txwelder says:

My carrier didnt come out whats the trick???

Kennie Snyder says:

I have a 2000 ford f 250 super duty 7.3 diesel 4×4 with a dana 60 axle does the driver side its the short axle does it have a bearing on the end of the axle when I pulled it out it didn't have a bearing on it or it in the housing has any one had this problem

Heriberto Mejia says:

Thank for the video brother God bles you

M W says:

When reinstalling the carrier other then everything going back in the same way is there any adjusting or special tools? Thank you

Living & Chilling says:

Im about to reseal my dana 60 axel, but my 2001 dodge ram has the axel that disconnect, my question is, is it the same procedure to take the left hand seal for my truck? I can't seem to find a video that does the seals on my truck with the axel that i have, thanks!

Rich King says:

Great video. Thank you providing such clear details. This has helped me a great deal.

TheyCallMeCoolRon says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

Jon Kortge Jr says:

Very informative, thank you for uploading.

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