Ford Quick Tips #77: DTC P0460 P0463 Erratic Fuel Gauge Quick Fix!

Ford Quick Tips #77: DTC P0460 P0463 Erratic Fuel Gauge Quick Fix!

Come along as we show you how to quickly diagnose a common concern with fuel sending units caused by sulfur in gasoline.

Before replacing the fuel pump sending unit use this additive to restore it-

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FordTechMakuloco says:

Before replacing the fuel pump sending unit use this additive to restore it-

Jason Anderson says:

Is that the same additive for diesel trucks?

Carlos Rodríguez says:

can i put catalyst cleaner and techron same time??

Marcel Ledbetter says:

Oct, 2022.
I drive a 2001 Focus Wagon as my daily driver 34 miles each way to work and back + piddling around town.
If it weren't for your Channel, I'd have scrapped it years ago.
The little things (like this) that are annoying AND expensive at a shop, become fun diy projects to do at home in the driveway instead.
Because of this channel, The Betty White Wagon is still going strong.
The Ol' gal just won't die.
MANY Thanks and keep up the great work!

James Self says:

Hi FTM, my gauge goes below empty switch on, no codes, has full tank of gas, 2004 ford sport trac, what could it be?

John Bianco says:

can you contact me please

mongomay1 says:

Thank you for posting this Tech tip, hopefully it works on my 1997 F-250HD dual tank system and one tank gauge that works sometimes.

NPDarkside13 says:

I have a '99 Ranger 3.0L Flex Fuel that has a pending p0461 code (only this code) and it's running rough. The fuel gauge isn't erratic but it has never read accurately since I've owned it (bought it used at 193k miles currently at 225k).

Alyson Whitaker says:

I'm having same issue with diesel truck. Will using their diesel version work just as well? I don't see a "plus" version for diesel treatment

Ryan Fong says:

I had quarter of fuel already in the car, but when I filled up again, the niddle didn't move up, it just kept dropping as I was driving and so did the digital meter until it reached 0km and the niddle went below Empty. Now the car won't start even though there's alot fuel in it.

Munster Restorer 91 says:

Hi I have a question What setting do you use on the multimeter when testing the sending unit?

Nels Freeman says:

I replaced the card in my fuel tank, the gauge appeared to work for a morning. I wonder if a bad vent on the tank can cause a faulty fuel level reading caused when the tank contracts with temperature change.

Ricardo DJR says:

Do you have a video that would show on how to cut a hole in the cabin floor where the fuel tank would be to pull out the filter and all I have a e150 2013 with rear air condition passenger wagon I'm trying to figure out instead of having a mechanic replace the unit sending unit if I could do it myself when I purchase the new one I'll just take a plasma cutter or a grinder and cut the hole and make my access door and if you have a solution what's the best way to make an access store waterproof and stuff

James Barrett says:

can find the cleaner but not one that says it is the PLUS. How can you tell?

Michael Sadach says:

I have a 2013 F150 ecoboost, There are no codes,I was told to take it to the dealer.

The problem is,( As an example ) I start my truck at home,it say 365 miles to go. By the time I get 2 blocks it says 340 miles to go. I jumps around. I also filled it yesterday and the needle said I was around a 3/4 full, not full. I will try this. Any other you may have,would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Ronald Witt says:

Have a question? Have put a new fuel pump in 2001 Ford Taurus SES. It works great. The fuel guage on the instrument panel shows past full and won't budge. Stepson discovered the gas tank was leaking on Thursday and I went to a salvage yard purchased another one. No leaks anymore. The "main issue" is guage on the instrument panel is stuck on full? Have any idea what the fix is?

FortunateDaD says:

Hi, based on your expertise. My navigator was reading lower than what it was and sometimes the needle would go all the way down to empty, then because I had some marvel mystery oil I out that In for a few tanks. Had some work done on it and it sat for a couple weeks now with that MMO in it. Went to fill it up yesterday and the gauge went up to the full mark then came home. Left the house again then the digital gauge read low fuel then 2 seconds later the gauge starter slowly going down. Stopped the vehicle then started driving again, then the gauge eventually goes back up to full.
I'm in Canada so getting that chevron isn't easy. What would you tackle first, changing the fuel sender or the anti sloshing chip in the dash?
It's acting so inconsistently I can't think which one it would be LOL.
Thanks in advance

Zane Seligman says:

It’s cheaper for me to pull the tank and replace the pump than it is to fill it up twice

FortunateDaD says:

Has anyone tried marvel mystery oil?

Greg M says:

I had my astro van towed to a Mr Goodwrench. Turned out fuel pump was bad. Had it replaced. The needle after replacement, would fluctuate with the bumps I hit. I see that they probably broke that spring on the float assembly. Good mechanics hard to find.

FortunateDaD says:

My fuel gauge would be all over the place. I'd fill up and it would read empty and even would display low fuel. I have been putting in marvel mystery oil and it has improved but still randomly goes up and down. Im going to finish this tank I'm on then will try this chevron stuff. I also have a B1204 code, so I think replacing the sending unit may be the fix unfortunately.

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