Ford Just Stopped Making Gasoline Cars

Ford Just Stopped Making Gasoline Cars

Ford Just Stopped Making Gasoline Cars

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Scotty Kilmer says:

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jory christopherson says:

And does it really help the environment

Jesse Sargent says:

Look at the UK right now. It almost costs more to recharge as to fill up a tank of gas.

Andrew York says:

To play the devils advocate didn't they say there sedans where not selling well? I thought I saw something that ford was cutting all cars but the mustang from there us line up because they just don't sell.

World Wonders says:

Sorry, but I think Toyota's future might not be that bright after falling behind with EVs. Toyota might be like the Nokia phones, dead after the smartphone era…

SUPer Soberano says:

I wonder as more and more combustion engine cars are replaced by electric, and the electric demand is increased on the Grid..How are they going to keep up with the demand when during peak use as it is we are getting brown outs and power losses on some areas.

Michelle Margerum says:

Ford doesn't care if going with all electric cars bankrupts them…the government will bail them out, again (?) With our tax dollars. Win win for them.

Rob Pavka says:

An old man saying he doesn't want any change is fairly standard.

John Wick says:

What about propan vehicle

Wapper Snappers says:

It’s about control

R.a. Wheeler says:

It's not about reality, it's all about ideology and virtue signaling. Politicians think they can force what they consider progress and the automakers think they'll be able to make a killing off it, but I think we'll see this fail epically. But if you got $50 to $70k to make a statement and can live with the obvious limitations, go right ahead.

Jay Slomine says:

Ford has become tardy

Brian Schwarm says:

Mustang people hate it? Okay whatever, I like my planet more than I liked car people that can’t adapt anyways

lpm22 jerry22 says:

All this will be undone after the midterms nobody's going to take this garbage

Bart Bullock says:

I've heard this cat a few times, he hits the nail on the head on a bunch of stuff, but sometimes not so much

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