Ford F150 Front Brake Pads Replacement 1997-2003 – 3 1/2 Minute DIY Video

Ford F150 Front Brake Pads Replacement 1997-2003 – 3 1/2 Minute DIY Video

How to replace the front disc brake pads on a 1997-2003 (10th Generation) Ford F150. This video shows work on a 2003 Ford F150, yours will be very similar.

In this video I have included steps to clean and lube the guide pins. It is good to do this maintenance, I usually do it every other time I change the brakes on my cars, because I drive so much, my brake jobs are frequent. You may want to clean and lube the guide pins with every brake job you do.

NOTE about jacking up your F150 front end:
In this video I show jacking up the front wheel by the control arm because the floor jack I was using was not big enough to reach the frame rails (the correct jack point). This is not advised or recommended as a safe way to lift the front end because it is an unstable (although not damaging) lift point. Refer to the owner’s manuals link below for the safe jacking points. Take caution when lifting large vehicles like this by always setting the parking brake, chocking the tires (bracing the tires that remain on the ground with blocks), using jack stands in addition to the floor jack, and remaining clear of the underside of the vehicle.

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F150 owner’s manuals:

NOTE about what lube to use:
Be sure to use Silicone Paste or some other high heat lube made for use with rubber, may types of lube will degrade rubber. I really like the 3M Silicone Paste, it is expensive but its great stuff and one bottle lasts a really long time. Here is the the Amazon link below:


13mm Socket
Torque wrench
Piston Press
13/16″ (or 21mm) lug wrench
Silicone Paste (high temp, rubber safe lube)
Flat Head Screw Driver
Floor jack with stands & wheel blocks
Eye Protection
Brake Cleaner
Paper towels


One (1) Wagner ThermoQuiet MX679 Semi-Metallic Disc Pad Set With Installation Hardware, Front Brake Pad Set or Equivalent
Here is the link to the Brake Pad kit used in this video:

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Guy Juratovac says:

Why didn't you open resivor while depressing the pistons

Nick Franchi says:

Forgot to mention pump the pedal a couple of times so that your caliper can get pumped back up with fluid again also forgot to mention to take for a drive then press the breaks hard but to hard to ensure the break pads seat correctly. Not hating just filling in the the last steps cool video tho thank you for your information sure it helped a lot of ppl

89bavaro89 says:

Excellent! Thank you.

Ricardo Seminario says:

Bien práctico el video…me gusto..simple y sencillo..

Corey Cotten says:

Love this video!!! Keep it up!!!

Tall Cedars says:

Well done video! Something I will try on my Ford Lariat. Loved that you had no music or talking, easy to learn without it, thanks!

tas maniandevil says:

If you buy mags make sure a four -way will fit

Albert Joiner says:

good job you raised that wheel just high enough to get it off great.

Darzo says:

At 1:10 when you remove the Caliper you are missing a Brake pad…..and at 1:12 the brake pad magically appears but you are removing it and it is backwards…..Well no wonder you need new brakes, Duh…

Richard Raucina says:

Perfect. Love the silence!

unclematt3 says:

Great video, thank you. I might suggest hitting the rotors with a bit of fine grit sandpaper used in a swirling pattern just for a little bit to have a non-directional surface for the new pads.

jeffmurnahan says:

Does a 1997 f150 have rear brakes? Mines not 4×4

dexron says:

Good video not sure i can do it under 4 minutes but hear i go

Frankie Perez says:

Should I wait til vehicle is cool to start?

Salazar 96 says:

You forgot the bleeding processes

RingQuest 1986 says:

Finished in record time today! Thanks for the instructional vid!
Well done.

David Amonett says:




Milton ACN says:

Great post. I will be doing my rear brakes this week in a 2003 Supercrew! This makes it so easy! Many thanks!

a alsaedi says:

Thank you for this quick and simple explanation .. I just changed the brakes now and was very helpful … I like adding something that happened to me flood of brake oil .. I did not know why ? And you need good and big c clamp .

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