Ford Escape: Customer Threw In The Towel – No Start, No Crank

Ford Escape: Customer Threw In The Towel – No Start, No Crank

In this video I have a look at a customers 2013 Ford Escape with the big 2.0 that has a customer concern of a no start, no crank. He gave it the old college try but could not come up with the answer. Let’s have a look.

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Bill Garris says:

Watching you do your job braking it down step by step takes me back to my days as a heavy equipment mechanic. All of that has become fly by wire now a days also. Been out of it for 8 years now and have went back to busting knuckles on auto's my first love when it was points carbs and big blocks. A lot has changed in 50 yrs plus but its still nuts bolts and wires. Thanks for what you do it gives me a better under stand how the auto side of the world of mechanics works in todays world.

Jim Burgess says:

Great job, professor.

Paul T says:

Which model autel scan tool are you using on this job mk 906???

Joseph Metcalf says:

This is the stuff I absolutely LOVE tracking down on my own! It's hard to figure out and trace down, but you learn so much through the whole process and mind-set in doing the job… It makes you feel like a true professional when you test things; figure out what works and doesn't, and then use your mind to trace down where the issue lies after you've mentally figured it out in your head already and verified it all along the whole process…

And then the BINGO moment when you suddenly spot the issue, and are like… Yep, it's a 30 second fix and a 5-cent part (adheasived lined butt connector), but it's a several hour experience tracking down that one little broken wire!

Been there, done that! And I tell you, I still get enjoyment each time I run across a job like that one!… The main key though, is like you said, access to the wiring diagrams & connector pin-outs and general description of how the circuits are supposed to work… Without all that, you're basically dead in the water and VERY VERY difficult to figure out that info on your own (difficult, but not impossible as I've unfortunately had to figure them out on my own a few times without access to the info I needed like wiring diagrams and schematics)…

As Doc Brown said in Back to the Future 3 (when inspecting the schematic for the time circuits that got fried by the lighting strike) "Unbelievable that something so small could cause such a big problem!"…

No wonder that circuit failed, it says it was "Made in Japan" hahahahaha

Jason Wade says:

Amazing how one little wire could leave you walking. Modern cars the ultimate joke.

Gman Second says:

Love watching the master at work. Keep the good videos coming.

Muppet Gump says:

Congratulations on 750k subscribers Mr O.

Scott Hill says:

Every car you work on gives you a small piece of knowledge that carries over to the next, you have a lot of knowledge and the right mindset to use it. As a retired mechanic I enjoy learning from you as you share your days with us. Thank you.

FC says:

These auto makers build crap that do not last and then try to avoid warranty repairs. They all should be tried under the RICO laws…

vic says:

You're a genius Eric. As always amazing video

RipCityBassWorks says:

These no start videos are always the best.

a4000t says:

These electrical troubleshooting problems are some of the best videos. As always great work!

Zippy TheChicken says:

lets all go back to 1967 when there wasn't any of this stuff.. there is just way too much unnecessary complexity in cars today .. right down to throwing codes for the window position.. honestly a 1982 VW Rabbit Diesel Pickup could get 40-50mpg every day of the week.. thats a 40 year old vehicle.. if you add all this technology and you're not doubling the MPG after 40 years then why do it.

Jordan Campbell says:

Noticed the anti theft on the computer said services I'm wondering what the outcome will be

Jordan Campbell says:

I got a wrecked 2012 f150 fx4 ecoboost with 98,000 miles it cranked over when I got it then did all front end work and it wouldnt crank any more ended up having to jump the pcm power and run relay still driving it like that to this day. Well that's a lie I ran two switches to the cab it's like starting a race car lol I don't mind cause the price was very right lol.

Wind Ward says:

The switch to ground for the ignition control relay is an N-Channel MOSFET, but it will be accompanied by protection and status circuitry. Protection will be in the form of ESD and overload. Status in the form of a monitor circuit to confirm proper power, wire continuity and relay coil health.

WhiskeyRiverRifleman says:

I have fixed three of these with the same problem those customers were not as lucky as yours because the TDI failed in all the three I did

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