Ford Edge AC Drain Tube Repair in 1 Minute!

Ford Edge AC Drain Tube Repair in 1 Minute!

Is your Ford Edge making an annoying water-sloshing noise? In this quick 60-second video, we’ll show you how to unclog your AC drain tube and remove that water sound under the dash. Whether you’re hearing water gurgling or experiencing a sloshing noise, this easy DIY fix will solve your problem. Follow our step-by-step guide to clean the AC drain tube and eliminate water noise in your car. Perfect for anyone dealing with car water issues or needing a quick car repair. Watch now and get your Ford Edge running smoothly again!
Air Blow Gun with rubber Tip

Screw in rubber tips for your blow gun

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@Big_Johns says:

LoL…. Steve you know someone will actually lay directly under it, you're a bad man. 🙂

@jamesedmonds1350 says:

The hole is covered, no wonder it plugged up .
Cut that, ( what ever that's supposed to be ) away from the hole .
Another Ford better idea.

@owenmonaco7817 says:

Ford uses crinkle bends on exhaust from factory or has that been replaced already?

@treebender261 says:

Better idea is use your shop vac if you use air all you are doing is temporary pushing it out of the way but it will settle back in the hole with a shop vac you pull the plug out and this problem won't return right away .

@stancoleshill8925 says:

Ford . . . . .figures.

@jpflock1078 says:

You didnt even drink it

@LewisMowersandBoats says:

great job buddy !!!

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