Ford Door Cable Repair Kit – Installation for Cam Piece

Ford Door Cable Repair Kit – Installation for Cam Piece

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This video provides installation instructions for the Ford Door Cable Repair Kit and highlights the importance of the ‘Cam Piece’ for installation



rene montañez says:

como consigo esas piezas

Carl Barkman says:

I never knew thats where these cam style ends went.. I have been bending the end of the latches and inserting the new ends for some time now… learn something new everyday. Thx

Allen Nicolas says:

Thanks SJX, this is the best video explaining the difference in the pieces and what it is for.

MANUEL Z says:

I think FORD should be doing these repairs for us since they installed inferior plastic products in a metal cable

Ransom Ron says:

Link in the description does not work for me.

cubesmind says:

Will this work on the side door latch as well?

John Everson says:

Thanks SJX, your video shows exactly what the different cam cable end was for & which latch it went to on my 2005 F-150. Nowhere were there instructions on how to do it, keep up the good work & thanks for saving me so much time trying to figure it out!

Lake End says:

Ur right….. I just f’ed mine up and had to take it to Ford…$400 for one door to repair what I jacked up

Gilles LeBlanc says:

I can't get through on the web site " shop is currently unavailable" is there a phone #

onecrazywheel says:

I just want your company to know that this video helped me decide to purchase your product on Amazon. Thanks for the info and demonstration.


Master Chief 00117 says:

Cheap fix. When Ford wants $300.00 for one set of cables.

Dana Pomerleau says:

the allen screws on my truck have a pin in the middle where do i buy the wrench to fit those

papajuanxxlll says:


Brian Dean says:

Thanks for Video it helps alot!

Kenny C says:

I did my 2004 F350 and was so happy I convinced my bossman to let me fix his 2006 F650. The broken doors were hard to open due to having to trip the lever at the bottom latch but after that it was brilliantly simple!!!

ChuckDeFuque says:

Where do I buy the kit? I'm in the process of doing that now and the kit will save me time, money, and headaches!

Jay F says:

hi what is the name of the piece you are showing at the end the quick one on the site to purchase its shows the four piece and i want the quick one tou spoke about

Mike9767 says:

Thanks for the great video and the great repair kit. The cam piece is a blessing to use. I used it on a 1999 F250 Supercab and it worked great.

Bwanar1 says:

How do you hook up the ball inside the latch?

Gene Sova says:

Got my repair kit at today as promised two hours later..door working great..this is a great product..the cam piece saved a lot of work and headache.My ford ranger has four working doors again….If you have to fix your door do yourself a favor.get this kit…..

John Sparks says:

Worth every penny … my shop wanted $250.00 per door on my 2000 F150 and they did the repair on both about 5 years ago using the cheap Ford plastic replacement set … I did this one with a little help from Youtubing and your kit … took me a couple of hours and 40 bucks … I'll never have to replace those cable ends again … quality product fair price and this video helped on the top cam piece … thanks guys

Mike Duncan says:

Just used your kit on my 2000 F150XL over the weekend. Worked out great. I did some research on the cable end replacement and this video answered some questions I had about the upper latch. No modifications to the repair kit were required. Everything went in to place as it should. I'll be getting another set of these when the other side goes out. Thanks for posting this.

Grey MILLER says:

Great kit. Worked well on my 2001 F250 rear doors. I'd like to point out that there is only one cam piece in the kit. It must be used on the upper door latch while the other three cable guides can be used interchangeably on the rest of the door. My kit didn't come with any instructions so unless you analyze each cable and cable guide you might put the cam lock in the wrong spot like I did. The video talks about it but doesn't show you a closeup of all four pieces. I also had to adjust the upper cable length to fine tune the release. Nicely machined hardware. Ordered a second set for the other door after seeing the four cable ends were all broken on the driver side rear door. Ford wanted $700 to repair one door! Guess this saved me $1,400!

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