Ford 6.7L PowerStroke MOST COMMON Coolant Leaks & How to Fix

Ford 6.7L PowerStroke MOST COMMON Coolant Leaks & How to Fix

In this video you will find all the information you need to know about the most common coolant leaks on the 6.7L PowerStroke.

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1. 6.7 Water Pump (2011-2016) –
2. 6.7 Water Pump (2017-2019) –
3. 6.7 Radiator –
4. 6.7 Coolant Fitting –
5. 6.7 Coolant Line –

1. Thermostat –
2. Radiator Hoses –
3. Radiator (2011-2016) –
4. Radiator (2017-2019) –
5. Intercooler (2011-2016) –
6. Intercoler (2017-2019) –
7. Oil Catch Can (2011-2016) –
8. Oil Catch Can (2017-2019) –
9. Secondary Radiator (2011-2016) –
10.Intercooler Pipe Kit (2011-2016) –
11. Intercooler Pipe Kit (2017-2019) –
12. Core Support –


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00:00 Introduction
01:10 Water Pump
05:07 Radiator
10:02 Turbo Coolant Fittings
14:53 Outro



AverageJoe says:

Can you do a tool box video?

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Service a couple 6.7l tow trucks at my workplace. Really appreciate all your videos and tips on these engines.

Omizo A says:

Great content bro. Keep it up

James German says:

I always pull the cooling module when I do main pumps. 2 hours and done. I mean 9-10 hours.

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Love this channel…… Keep them coming

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You are exactly right good job again youngman

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Really good video

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Thanks for recommending #mishimoto for my next replacement..

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the video quality is awesome keep it up

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More videos on 2017 or newer f250 6.2. Keep up the good work.

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