Ford 4.6L 5.4L V8 Engines Serpentine Belt Replacement

Ford 4.6L 5.4L V8 Engines Serpentine Belt Replacement

I only recommend Motorcraft Belts and Pulleys-(check fitment guide)
In this video I show you in detail how to replace this belt with tips along the way!
Belt Routing-



Alan Spring says:

Happy to subscribe

eastbaygrease10 says:

Thank you. Most professional tutorial, as usual.

Richard Green says:

Did you take the fan off

Bill F says:

The images you attached are close to what my 2006 5.4 looks like but the idler pulley is missing in the diagrams. Also, the title lists 5.4L (2V & 4V). Mines a 3V. Otherwise it was a very helpful video. It's very tight getting to the compressor pulley from above. I found it easier to get it from below. I really enjoy your videos. Thanks!

Brian says:

Thanks for this video. I especially liked the tip on squeezing between the tensioner to get to the A/C pump. I have a 2000 e250. The last idler pulley at 11:59 is not on my engine(5.4L) it even shows your idler on my hood schematic, but I apparently don't need it. There's a spot there for one, but it's dry corroded and looks like there's never been anything in there. The routing of the belt is the same really, just minus the second idler. I had to pull the belt up over the top of the alternator pulley instead of what you did. which wasn't too difficult. I'm going to replace the tensioner. I did a goofy hack to bypass the A/c pump, which sort of worked for a good while…Long story. I take the left idler pulley off and replaced it with a slotted pulley, then re-routed with a different sized belt. I think it ruined my belt tensioner. The pulley was gouging a round trench on the front of the block…. My belt size is AC Delco 8K991. Curious if it's a different size than yours.

westsidebestside says:

thank you the fan is a bitch and the cover makes it so much tighter

Sam Moss says:

The 2009 E250 Econoline Van (4.6L V8 w/ac) is a hugh PITA for one thing you need a step ladder to even access the engine bay properly.

Joe Warren says:

How can I fix broken plastic nipple that goes to resvoir

bubbs tubbs says:

Damn Facebook and Tik Tok are annoying


This information is timeless, thank you

Eli Carreon says:

is there a way to bypass the A/C compressor without replacing it ?

Daniel Noriega García says:

You´re the only one who explained and warned how to properly manage the belt tensioner. It´s a good thing I still wanted to check out if I had to set it to an specific psi measurement so I decided to check more videos then I found this one and learned to be careful and that in fact it is automatic . Thanks a bunch sir!

Slick One says:

This happened to my 07 Lariat this past week. 210k on the odometer. It made a horrible noise and I quickly turned it off. There were three bearings on the ground.

Donald Lock says:

Do you have a video on batty replacement Ford F-150 Ecco boost 2014

David Z says:

Thanks so much for this informative video.
I'm so retarded I thought I had to take the fan off my 99 Navigator.
It still blows my mind how someone had the foresight to design the
ic engine with this in mind!

M P says:

Wow belt change was quick… that tool is nice.

nattyrights says:

Thanks! A 1/2 breaker bar was one of the first tools I bought on my DIY repair journey a couple years ago. This was an easy replace (some cracking on inspection) and all my stuff was spinning good! I appreciate your channel a lot!

Bob Johnson says:

Thank you for posting the video. I know it's a lot of work to make any video.
IMHO I really couldn't tell from the video how you managed to wrap the belt
around the tensioner it looked like the grooves were facing down, but they
weren't they were facing upward. To eliminate the confusion you would grab
the bottom portion of the belt once it is wrapped around the air condition
pulley not the top part then wrap that around the crankshaft pulley.
I hope this helps some one else out. Many thanks again for posting it.

james considine says:

Well done. Extremely helpful to me. Thanks.

Warren Peace says:

Your video saved me and my carpool from being stuck at work. God bless you bro

Steve V says:

had to replace a broken power steering pulley. It is made of plastic, and they break. Belt was good until that happened. 4.2L

NTycingProductions says:

Thank you for sharing this. Your videos have helped me out so much, learning how to fix it, and financially, by repairing my 01 4×4 Lincoln Navigator myself, and saving me money! Respect to you. I wish you continued success.

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