Ford 2.0L Ecoboost Engine Misfire and Coolant Consumption Issue Fix!

Ford 2.0L Ecoboost Engine Misfire and Coolant Consumption Issue Fix!

In this video we go over the exact defect in the block affecting the 2.0L Ecoboost Engines.

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Justin King says:

I've done 3 of these in the last month. 2.0s all in Edges. Longblocks luckily. Had a run of 1.5 shortblocks there for a while so I'll take a few longblocks lol

Chad Ketsdever says:

Mine was cylinder 1 and what I found from TSB was the blocks or engines made in Spain had the most issues

SAAN27 says:

So would a final year 2020 Ford Fusion 2.0T be a safe bet?

Kason Irvin says:

I got very unlucky with this. 102,000 miles and we brought it in for issues that I thought would be this TSB. Turns out it was and now we just sold them the car and got a Honda. Left us underwater a bit. 2,000 less miles and it would have been covered by the warranty.

Marc Monson says:

good to see they are finally updating the 2.3 to basically be brand new. would have been interesting to see/hear that running with the misfire and or white smoke. do the 2.3's blow up from too much coolant getting in the bore and hydrolock which then bends a rod/windows the block?

Kevin V says:

Are the later years open or closed ..? I have a 2014 with the 1.6

Stephen Bartram says:

Not a design flaw, intentional – make you buy another new one and sell the ba one at auction to sent south of the border

RogerWilco486 says:

My 2017 Fusion had it's EcoBoost 2.0 replaced with only 38K in Sept 2019 for this issue and fortunately they used the improved design long block.

Michael Chan says:

I've been busy replacing engines at my workplace. After I finish this Transit 3.7L V6 engine replacement, I've got my third 2.0L to replace this month.

Desmo Higgins says:

Fords motto : “the customer is a beta tester !”

Mr. GFG says:

Hey Brian, are the older pre-2017 EcoBoost engines compatible with all the sensors, plugs, connectors and so on, from the 2017-2019 EcoBoost engines? Because if so, that could save people a ton of money (get a junkyard engine, have it overhauled, plug everything back).

In addition, I see a number of companies manufacture racing-intended OEM-spec engines based on the design of the EcoBoost 2.0, but for the Focus ST/RS. How recomendable is to invest on one of these engines for these other Fords once the original engines begin to overheat, and there is no warranty (considering that an OEM Crate Engine can go higher than 10k, just for a 3/4 motor set)?

Andrew Scott Munczenski says:

A expensive fix for the customer.

Terry Robertson says:

My 2017 2.0 Ecoboost Escape failed at 51K miles, probably accelerated by my frequent use of all the boost, but it should have been designed for that. Ford installed a new short block (i wanted a long block) under the warranty. I drove it another 9K miles and traded it for a 2021 Escape Hybrid, much better vehicle overall.

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