'13-'19 Ford Escape Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

'13-'19 Ford Escape Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

In this video i show you the process I use to replace the rear trailing arm bushings on the 2013 to 2019 Ford Escape’s. The whole arm is really cheap from Ford but they have been on back order for a year now so this is what we do.

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South Main Auto Repair LLC says:

-Dorman 523-067 Rear Lower Forward Suspension Trailing Arm Bushing : https://amzn.to/3cxivLD
-The secondary reason I made this video…. https://youtu.be/fGm1asWuqqU

bryanviper says:

You forgot to spray it with Fluid Film before & after to help protect it 🙂

Z Ack says:

Need to do an air conversion on the ole press..

springfield45 says:

Would it help or hurt to put a dab of grease on the inside of that control arm?

Gplus Gplus! says:

IT doesnt really matter how far in you put the bushing because Fords are crap anyhow.

Paul Smith says:

"Classic shop adapters" very creative terminology! Thanks for the videos, very helpful in diagnostics and principles on other stuff. I am 71, still wrenching and trying to keep up. It just ain't 7000 ohms per foot on plugwires any more!

Ed Hanson says:

Moog K200064 Trailing Arm Bushing $16.04 on Amazon. Just installed them a couple weeks ago. Love the videos…keep them coming!

susan jackson says:

Salt potatoes,yes I'm a born/raised New Yorker but been in Florida for last 35 years and you can't but salt potatoes in bag with salt like up north because of the heat done here, So you have to buy small potatoes and add your own salt. But they say too much in this heat is bad for you.

Ivan Vera says:

I have been getting into the habit of buying something in the 20,000 mile range and running about 40,000 miles and selling. After 60,000 miles everything starts to fall apart. Selling cars every 3 – 4 years. I also bought a NEW Nissan Sentra 1999 and sold it 10 years later. That also works. I took care of it. Otherwise this is all an endless money pit. Buy American. Better yet but what's good for you.

Jim Bob says:

Doorman? You must be joking

Jim Bob says:

Wait for the new part…I do not agree with this repair at all.

Chris Mackenzie says:

Have you ever done an update on Mrs. O's brakes on the minivan? Any warpage yet or are the aftermarket brakes doing the job?

Rick Martin says:

I know this is the wrong video to post this , I just watched a video where you and Mrs O were target shooting using a 22 mag hand gun I gotta tell you Eric Vanessa can hold her own fine marksman ship

Robert Davis says:

Dorman rubber is nothing more than a cheap Anchor rebranded as Dorman. Everybody understand that ?

Mr B says:

get same bush same part number duralast too, had these moog before too .
Had some Moog ones in stock as bought in bulk cheap as fairly common job and if arm good and clean bush way to go as easy fit and cost minimal …
garbage bush design really, was garbage bush concept in 1999 was more garbage in 2009 and now total garbage 2019 lol
Good engineered poly bush can be worthwhile on these for rougher road use longer life span ..
I'll get the door man ….

Crispr Talk says:

***Little help please anyone: I want to verify an injector is firing gas into the cylinder. Ohms are OK on the suspect injector, I can hear some clicking on it with a stethescope but it seems to be not as loud as the others. It does have computer control , checked with test light. I do not have a bidirectional control scan tool. I dont want to pull the injector, take off the intake etc. Is the only way to determine is to look in cylinder with small camera? Thanks.

Mario Saccoccio says:

The longer I watch these repair videos, the less likely I am to ever buying a Ford.
That goes double for any German cars!

Justa Hasbeen says:

Mr O- "They're super cheap."
Me- "They look it!"

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