This Cheap Ferrari Has Some Bad Frame Damage Can It Be Saved?

This Cheap Ferrari Has Some Bad Frame Damage Can It Be Saved?

Welcome Back to the channel while we wait for some parts for the 1965 Ford Mustang @Samcrac Brought me his badly damaged Ferrari 599 gtb to fix the frame on its defiantly going to be a tough repair but you guys know I do love a challenge, Stay tuned ands thanks for watching!

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SummerYapper209 says:

Please clean your shop my OCD is killing me

David Gonzalo says:

I didn't expect this collab, love it

Mark Margiotta says:

happy thanksgiving

Kipper Lane says:

Hello from Charleston South Carolina Sam and Goons keep ya busy lol


cool bro ! can fix my car too

G B says:

this man has got it!

Al Man says:

Is the 599 one of the most beautiful Ferraris (or any brand) ever made.
God I want one.

Fabricio Hernandez says:

Nice project!

redtesta says:

This is a piece of cake for VTune. What he did with that mclaren 720, this is a piece of cake.

Pete B says:

It's exactly where I thought the car was going to go.

03NELLY51 says:

Quit bailing out Samcrac lol

Elmonte Slim says:

It always amazes me that the worst drivers in the world seem to buy Ferraris. The clearly have more money than skill.

specialformula14 says:

i hope this rebuild gets views and completed

Keith S says:

Like how you were hard on Sam! Good collaboration!

Adrian Ramirez says:

Can’t wait to see this done cracsam!!

François says:

lots of fun ahead !!!!

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