The Ferrari Is Getting LOUDER! *Exhaust Install*

The Ferrari Is Getting LOUDER! *Exhaust Install*

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Tesla Bot says:

How were you able to hold yourself up in that thumbnail…on the rear edge of the car…on a jack on your stomach lmaooo

lollo kay says:


Kewl Rock says:

You make .w happy

pro gaming says:

You should do a start up

Matthew says:

I would definitely watch that

Crimson says:

14:32 Outta pocket for that… wayyy outta pocket. What do you gain from doing that? Lol

leological says:

yes, I would watch you redo your office.

Philopater William says:

What are the components of ur gaming pc

t rob says:

look at those guns gold star install

William Alexander says:

Awesome job guys love your work Clayton and faith

Paramus Auto Detailing says:

That remodel would be fun to watch

Jesse Gonzales says:

That was a good one guys. Lol I was waiting for that start up and was like wahhhh!!

Terence Sims says:

Yes! Video on your work space. Keep up the good work!

tmorton922 says:

Good pull on keeping us in suspense. I will tune in fo sho!

tmorton922 says:

Bruised shoulderblades, I've spent lots of hours flat on my back under a car. Creeper fo sho!

tmorton922 says:

Awards wall good!

Nate Dog_2156 says:

Yes I would 3:50

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