The Ferrari Dealer wanted $8,000 to Replace my Clutch; here's how I did it at home for $1,200

The Ferrari Dealer wanted $8,000 to Replace my Clutch; here's how I did it at home for $1,200

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Hingle McCringleberry says:

I'm not sure who to put my money on (probably Rich) but I think you have to finish this one quick so you don't look like a liar about not wanting a lift in the stable. That horse has been stuck in there for ages, you may as well have something bolted in there.

florisvdmeulen says:

Sam, maybe shorten the rod and use a ratchet?

Gplus sucks big says:

M539 restorations is the only one who gets shit done, everyone else is just gathering youtube views.

Stuart and Jenny says:

So much innuendos, PMSL

Buggerlugz says:

14:27 and no mention of his stepmom………

04Interc3ptorP71 says:

Pilot bearing removal = pack the center full of grease then get a brass drift slightly smaller than the ID of the bearing, insert it part way then smack it with a hammer. It will pop right out.

Buggerlugz says:

I think Bad Obsession Motorsports "project Binky" will get finished before Sam's Ferrari.

Paddy Boy says:

You should have just brought a two piece nolathane bush. Would of just pushed in with your fingers.

Amos Tecumseh says:

great music

DuDeZoNe says:

As a Mechanic This was Painful to watch…

Michel Swerissen says:

Just put a pizza warmer on the back of Ferrari and caller done.

Hart Fischer says:

I am betting on Rich.Your Ferrari is never going to work, while the Tesla V8 is a great project 🙂

Jack You says:

Don’t pull Alex from LSC in that bet. He finishes projects in one episode!!

Nutty Rayray says:

I think you should blow it up set it on fire that car a nightmare ha ha

Eliot Mansfield says:

get yourself a small lathe – you can make drifts and bushing tools for anything in a matter of minutes

Motor City Fats says:

so 1/3 of the price…. so it costs $3,000 to get that done?

Φίλιππος Σβουρώνος says:

A cheap way to install the bush is to heat the gearbox with an electric hot air gun.

Zero to hero says:

That was painful to watch. A universal bushing tool will literally save you hours. And use a rattle gun on one end so you aren't hitting racheting spanners with a hammer.

Markus Bishop says:

I think you have about as much chance of finishing that Ferrari as Tavarish does about finishing anything

Slobadan Mikôcyábych says:

Who else wished the stepmum did the pilot bearing job?

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