Repair Ferrari F430 Fuel Leak

Repair Ferrari F430 Fuel Leak

Watch how to repair a fuel pump leak on a 2005 Ferrari F430 Berlinetta without replacing the fuel pump(s). Step by step procedure below.

Compatibility: Similar procedure should apply to all Ferrari F430s (2005 to 2009) but will be slightly easier for the Spyder models.

Robb’s DIY Rating on 1 (easy) to 5 (hardest) Scale: I give it a 1. Fairly simple and easy to perform, just be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the fuel pump leak area before applying epoxy. Most difficult step is having to remove any stripped engine bay cover fasteners.

Step by Step (with Tools Needed):
1. For Berlinetta, take off engine bay covers using (1) H3 hex bit socket to remove 8 fasteners from front covers and 4 fasteners from rear covers and (2) small flat head screwdriver to pry spring off of strut. To be safe, reconnect struts once covers are removed. For Spyder, open convertible top about halfway, use short broom handle to hold top in place, and remove access panel to fuel pump.
2. Visually and physically inspect for leak. Once confirmed, thoroughly clean the area—epoxy will not properly seal over dirt or fuel residue.
3. Mix epoxy compound and apply liberally across fuel pump center where leak exists. Set for 4-6 hours.
4. Apply gasket maker over top of epoxy. Set for several hours before starting engine and checking for leaks.
5. Disconnect struts, reinstall engine bay covers, and reconnect struts.



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