Rebuilding WRECKED Ferrari 812 In 10 MINUTES!! (VIDEO #66)

Rebuilding WRECKED Ferrari 812 In 10 MINUTES!! (VIDEO #66)

In this episode of Real Life Exotics we show you the full rebuild of this Ferrari 812 in 10 Minutes!!

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Reggie Tjahjadi says:

I always wondered how much profit do they make from this?

PompeyMatt17 says:

in the UK a smashed car retains it's written off status even if the car is perfectly restored, I hear it's different in the States ?

Νικήτας Σταθέας says:

She is prettier than the girlfriend I don't have ❤️❤️❤️

Stephen Law says:

Still shocking to see a ferrari on a fork lift.!

Daniel Titov says:

Fun fact my cousin knows ur brother lol

Guiteau Augustin says:

You are the best my my friend and I am telling you this is a gift from God .. Praise him

JamoZ says:

That's one car i wouldn't trust anymore…

Miguel Altamirano says:

INCREIBLE…MINUCIOSA…Y HERMOSA Labor la de todo el EQUIPAZO..!! Justo para poner a punto…operativo y en excelentes condiciones ese bello Auto Italiano de renombre Mundial !! Felicitaciones y un gran abrazo a todos esos 'genios automotrices' por Dios !! Aleluya !!

They Race Me So Hard says:

Why has some polish guy stolen a Ferrari?

Jose Duero says:

7:13 what music did you use in this video?

Jose Duero says:

7:13 what music did you use in this video?

pamela thomas says:

I would never mess my Ferrari like that

pro coin says:

Does cost much more than the actual price to rebuild it?

Кадырбек Айтенов says:

Долго не мог вспомнить, где же я вас видел, потом вспомнил))) На канале Дэна Чердака,вы если не ошибаюсь, помогли ему с фиником

The Vadim Play Game says:

Привет от Чердака

Liam Bailey Vlogs says:

I watch this while I wait for DDE to finish their twin Turbo F12

Philip Maule says:

No mask on whilst painting bit stupid

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