How to replace the F1 Accumulator and Bleed the F1 System on a Ferrari F430

How to replace the F1 Accumulator and Bleed the F1 System on a Ferrari F430

The F1 System on Ferraris can take some occasional maintenance to keep running properly. The Accumulator typically lasts about 10 years and once it goes bad, the F1 pump will have to work harder than normal to keep pressure in the system. This can lead to the F1 pump failing prematurely and other issues. Replacing the accumulator is fairly simple. After replacing the accumulator it’s a good idea to bleed the F1 fluid to make sure there are no air bubbles in the system.

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Bob Cummings says:

Have you done a video on the top 20-30 tools, meters, and gauges that the average do-it-yourselfer can use to make minor or major repairs easier. You use many in your videos, but the focus is on the repair, not the tools that facilitate the repair. Thanks! Bob C. Oregon. (F430)

Robb's Garage says:

Anyone try bleeding the system only to find no fluid exits the bleeder screw? My car is stuck in neutral, can’t shift even with key on engine off, F1 pump comes on for 5 seconds and stays off for >5 minutes in between, and never had any issues with shifting out of or missing gears. No F1 or ediff lights on dash, and yes all doors and hatches are closed. Tried extracting old fluid from reservoir, filling with new, and then bleeding system. Pump operates during bleed procedure but no fluid comes out of the bleeder screw when opened. Ordered a new accumulator hoping that solves it….

Michael Hill says:

went to check my accumulator on my 360 it was only hand tight i know that cant be correct. gonna replace the accumulator so will make sure its tight. my hydraulic pressure ranges from 41.8 to 79.2 bar and i suspect the accumulator is bad, with key on engine of pump cycles like every 30 seconds.

Mick K says:

Any updates on your "slow down light" malfunction? I'm experiencing the same thing on my F430.

Leo Piero says:

I need to get a Launch.Which one on Amazon should I get?

VAF84 says:

Well shoot. You're a day and $850.00 late. I was about to DIY, and decided to have the local indy take care of it, but I'm sure other guys will appreciate this though. Keep up the good videos!

Robert Lenahan says:

Uhhhh….feel bad for you! Truly hope you had a good fourth!

Enzo V says:

I’m reading your article on DuPont now about the issues of the 430; do they allow you or a mechanic to go over the car in detail to make sure XYZ isn’t on the verge of failing?

Cheryl Albright says:

Yeah, owning your own business has positive and negative effects on your personal life.. It's nice not having a time clock to punch, or a boss to punch in the face.. Sucks when you have emergency call you have to go on at 2am, but eases the pain when you get to write up the bill, for emergency rates. Being your own boss is definitely not for everyone.

John Dziki says:

Having the right tools, in the right place, make all the difference. And if not put your muscles into it.

r d says:

Really like the f430 content every time, back to your roots! If it’s the e diff Can you please show that repair, would love to see it. Thanks Dan keep it up.

Admranger says:

When you own your own business, your boss can be very demanding…

PJ Cornell says:

I hope You feel better soon. I could tell You had a cold by Your voice….

Nicholas Cappa says:

Did this fix your problem? I was having the same symptoms and it was my E-diff solenoid. I think a lot of people overlook the e-diff solenoid because it only shows you the F1 light and slow down and not an E diff light.

mariodesmo says:

Looks like you've become a pretty good DIY'er. Back in the old splash and spill days this would have taken a lot longer, with suspicious results! lol

Cadillac Shak says:

I would so switch places with you Dan….you have a great life!

Sk8Ter421 says:

I just bought a 430 where can I buy the launch? Is it on your website


I have no idea what you are talking about but love your personality and videos!

Prophecy 2012 says:

Is the reservoir for the fluid a filter or have a filter in it? I know pwr steering uses one just wondering if it’s the same type. If it is you should probably change it.

Michael Lorenzi says:

Never mind, I was thinking reservoir. Was there any fluid in the accumulator that dripped out when you removed it?

Michael Lorenzi says:

Did you have to drain the fluid out of the accumulator before you removed it? If so, what did you use to get all the fluid out? The baffle won’t allow anything big to get to the bottom.

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