How to make a MASERATI MC sound like a FERRARI for CHEAP! //Urutu X-Pipe Install

How to make a MASERATI MC sound like a FERRARI for CHEAP! //Urutu X-Pipe Install

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Looking for some kick ass Maserati or Audi R8 parts? Check out Urutu:

Urutu makes a kick butt X-pipe resonator delete kit for the Maserati Granturismo and sent me one to install in Richard’s GT MC. The installation is pretty straight forward but does take a bit of muscle to get the old resonator out. Plan on using a rubber mallet and some elbow grease to get it out. Urutu also sent some engine bling to make the engine look nicer.

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hideouse blob says:

Do you know where I can get a front control arm bushing press tool for my mazarati granturismo

Ballin’ Rides says:

Ferrari sounds like Clark Kent while the Maserati sounds like Superman

Pablo Musi says:

Hello Dan, I followed your advise and also bought your book in Amazon about Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide. I have been with my F430 super happy and as I previously told you, thanks for the advise. Now I want to buy a used Maserati GT Sport or MC. What do you recommend? What advise would you give me. Thanks again, best regards.

Alexander Noskov says:

You need to learn difference between cross-plane and flat-plane. Thats why Maserati will NEVER EVER sound like Ferrari, considering they got the same engines.

Chris Harris says:

Love the new sound

Malik says:

Love the way you explain and love your tech Thanks Great Product. I have 2011 maserati granturismo s can these stuff can fix on mine I wish I had mc but I don't and I wish I was in Texas but I'm in Chicago thanks

Kav Athi says:

I would argue that making the gran turismo louder actually detracts from the sounds natural ability to turn heads. EVERYONE looks when they hear it anyway because its tone is so unique, making it sounds raspier and more like a race car ruins it a bit. Love the mod though it really is cool to see you work on.

Jeffry Kilmer says:

Uhhhh need to retire the white shorty socks bro….

MOLON LABE77 says:

Sound like a Ferrari? It has a Ferrari engine in it so it already should. Mine does being stock.

Deuante Kelly says:

Push off while you beat on it lol

488Fer C says:

No disrespect, but I think the Maserati stock already sounds much better than the 458. The Maserati had a deeper growl that’s rich whereas Ferrari has higher revving sound.

click 100uk says:

I bet your neighbors love you a lot.

Alpha et Omega says:

You need perhaps a set of injectors on that TR and a delicate balance of the adjuster on both fuel distributors (because "mechanics" over the last 30 years mess with that adjustment to cover up injector issues). The brass bosch injectors on ebay are excellent replacements. It should pop right off and run smooth from ice cold. Source: I have an 88 TR and had the same problem.

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