How to Fix F1 Light – Bleed the F1 Actuators on a Ferrari F430

How to Fix F1 Light – Bleed the F1 Actuators on a Ferrari F430

Our Ferrari F430 which is for sale through our dealership, NG Supercars, has been having a F1 light come on occasionally. We had a hard time trying to consistently reproduce the problem but we finally figured out a way to get it to consistently fail. Then we bleed to F1 actuators to purge any air in the system. This required us to remove the F1 actuators (the squid) from the transmission, and run a bleed procedure through our Launch X431 computer. Once the bleed was completed, we had to reattach the actuators then recalibrate them. This seems to have resolved our F1 issue and now the car is completely sorted!
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gerrycooper56 says:

There used to be a kit you could buy for the 360 F1 pump which was aluminum cooling fins, hose clamps and ceramic paste.

NDPesic Group says:

Another great DIY video….. i love learning about the different components and how they operate and mostly how to diagnose and repair the issues….thank you so much for sharing your knowledge guys….

Org@nicCold says:

Seeing that exhaust near those hydraulic lines brings me to memory when Dan changed the exhaust in his 430 and cut one of the lines and had fluid all over the floor hahah. This was loooong time ago .

Sohel Kand says:

Good job great launch scanner transmission calibration nice

Will says:

Love that you’re doing more of these common failure item repair videos. Selfishly, this saves me a ton of time trying to explain issues on FB. Now I can just point folks to your channel. Keep up the great work, Dan and team.

Tuomas Holo says:

The only way to repair it is with a manual swap.

Checker says:

Thanks so much for sharing your
Knowledge on this ,and how to solve, I have f1 Quattroporte, this will help me I think it will work on 360, Ratorossa did clutch on his 360 and done clutch pis and calibration on launch x431, going to 430 section in launch menu not 360 menu when doing the procedure. He has a video on you tube.

Magnus Gladén says:

Seems that PDK is better, buy a Porsche instead 🙂

Dimitriy Kosovay says:

Launch will not talk to the old 360 tcu (pre-2002) I believe.

G B says:

Couple questions / points:

– Does the actuator have to come off to bleed it?

– I had a 2000 360 Modena that DID talk to a Launch X431 Pro, for what it's worth (pretty sure that was before and after I put a CS TCU in it)

Raccoon man 60 says:

Man I really like the silver on the car . I think it would also cut down on the speeding tickets . Beautiful ride ✌️

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