How Ferrari Got Better without Cheating

How Ferrari Got Better without Cheating

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In the 2020 Formula 1 season, Ferrari finished 6th out of 10 in the constructor’s championship, their worst performance in 40 years. According to their own test driver they had the worst engine on the grid. That’s in part because in 2019 they “bent the rules” or as some would call it “cheated”. Unfortunately the FIA struck a confidential deal with Ferrari so no one really knows how they cheated. Well today on B2B, we are gonna break down the science of this scuderia scandal, and look at how Ferrari re-engineered their engine in 2021 to get back to not sucking.

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Mike Verkest says:

“6th out of 10th” just sounds weird….

P W says:

Curious the money and resources spent to create this cheat.

Lucian Tabria says:

yea, have you seen the blue smoke on the last year Mercedes? that was oil burned in the engine, and I suspect red bull did that too.

Luke Maney says:

Weird presentation, good amount of info…you get 4 stars out of 5 possible!

AWL6 says:

Loved the 2019 car, especially the sound. Damn, they were good

Tim Butler says:

Ferrari Got Better without Cheating because Car Wizard is fixing their entire fleet.

Jeff Hiestand says:

Did they put that sensor in Mercedes

SocratesAth says:

I like how you had to add "without cheating" to the title because it's about Ferrari.

dragibus66 says:

Ferrari not cheating ! This would be completely new ! They are cheating for years and years so …

Prasad Shirvandkar says:

That was so informative. Please make more of these

Diogo Lima says:

I dont think ferrari was cheating per say… was most like "no you can't use something smart that others dont know how"… like das

Ihsan Ayyasy says:

donut media sponsor ads are the only youtube ads that I like to watch

rajesh raje says:

Is this sponsored by Redbull of merc??

BritonslGaming says:

Alpha turdie?

XxDrivingEmpireZx says:

this is better than history class

AC Hastie says:

You guys should do a video on the Ford Barra engine, the Australia's 2jz / Rb. I think its an interesting engine because of its high hp capabilities, exclusivity and torque

Mark Adrian says:

I just want to say this before the video starts probably automatic transmission

Mike DC says:

Everybody chests. Mercedes and Ferrari mainly in F1. They have the money to pay fines or pay off infractions

Mike DC says:

So Ferrari just built a new car

Radeo Dreams says:

i want a video explain how realist is need for speed underground, i mean about the sounds the cars make, if i can make my regular car make the shifting gear sound in the game for my real car

NorthernZeus says:

What competition is like in F1.
You are slightly better than last year! You must have violated on of the 37,437 inane rules we have!
I’m telling mommy.

Mahibur Rahman says:

pool positions!!

Tiago Gobbi says:

Very tricky how they cheat the flow system, I finally understand what the do it!! And maybe more tricky how they use tokens like use the changes in gearbox to change a lot of aerodinamics body design!! Very good video and explanations! Something tell me that I will be a fan of channel! Take care, hugs and see ya! 🙂

Martin Eriksson says:

Fia Come out this year and Said that it was not cheating 2019 and they Said that ferraris engine 2019 was legal so Ferrari was not cheating

Thomas Anegas-Andreis says:

Thanks for making F1 videos

Siddharth Bose says:

I’m a tifosi but Charles after qualifying: It was just an inchident!

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