Ferrari LaFerrari 6,3L V12 Restoration abandoned model

Ferrari LaFerrari 6,3L V12 Restoration abandoned model

Restoration Machines made superrestoration of ruined ferrari F150 to a unique gorgeous model in an unusual color for ladies. This limited production super sports car called LaFerrari has a monster hybrid engine 6,3L V12 (800 PS) and it looks amazing. Enjoy another great restoration from Restore Machines!



Joshua Anil says:

Can u pls find a rusted Kawasaki bike or any other sports bike and record

Shantanu Sharma says:

This is what I call taking pains. Great job my friend. Very well done.

Luke Roberson says:

You should have a reason why it is such bad shape. You know…a crash, a fire. Something like that. Maybe even a natural disaster. Like a tornado, earthquake, or even a dust storm.

Divyansh Paliwal says:

i think you have restore this 20 times

andres bermudez says:

gran trabajo

Michael Czech says:

How does a model of a car that is maybe 8 years old get into such bad shape. I call BS

Sakib Kanth says:

Bro excellent work

winjama says:

Simply an amazing job. Well done!

ActiveTone says:

Amazing Restoration!

Alejandro Navarro says:

yo tengo un ferrari 550 maranello que lo tengo desmantelado sin llantas, y sin pintura es de maisto y die en la parte de abajo que es un 1 de 18 y qiero repararlo por que fue un regalo de cumpleaño de mi madre y le tengo mucho aprecio pero no se como hacer para repararlo

FREDY YT says:

я который не проверял гараж неделю

grumpybean98 says:

I hate how it initially looked like someone dropped it from a 20 story building ran it over with a car, set it on fire and then burried it for 2 days and you make this out of it

Pedro Cantarelli says:

I looked up a word to mean your work. There's only one: PERFECTION!

Me Ow says:

Shitttt great .this is another level .marvelous

reality cheque says:

Who was driving it?

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