Ferrari | How to Repair Ferrari Headliner | Upholstery Tips.

Ferrari | How to Repair Ferrari Headliner | Upholstery Tips.

Ferrari | How to Repair Ferrari Headliner | Upholstery Tips.

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THE PURPOSE OF THIS CHANNEL IS NOT TO HIRING OR LOOK FOR EMPLOYEES It is only to give you an idea of how classic cars Interior are made or can be made and how can you repair regulars seats Reupholster headline Install a convertible top Etc.

EL PROPOSITO DE ESTE CANAL NO ES PARA CONTRATAR O BUSCAR EMPLEADOS es solamente para darles una idea de como los interiores de los carros clasicos estan hechos o como los puedes hacer y como puedes reparar los acintos, retapizasr los techos de los carros tambien como puedes instalar las capotas de los convertible

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Jeffrey Potter says:

Funny… With some customers they have no problem spending money as they can appreciate how quality work should be worth the money spent on it….and others. Still pinch pennies so that they can afford those fancy toys…that still don't last forever.

This same fix can be applied to plenty of cars where the bow does not get pulled back for proper folding. Mitsubishi Spyder comes to mind. We've done quite a few of those. The frame actually gets bent SOMETIMES (if the customer is not paying attention to the top). I appreciate your videos!

carlos mora says:

Amigo tengo una duda .como hago para evitar que le entre agua a los asientos de moto cuándo llevan muchas costuras .te agradezco de antemano la respuesta.y disculpa sé que eres una persona muy ocupada

Graham Pestell says:

great job. love the videos

Oscar Xiquita says:

Wow maestro gran trabajo, me da gusto haberle puesto el primer like, y el primer comentario, siga adelante.

MECA Upholstery Tips says:

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