Ferrari F430 Exhaust Issues

Ferrari F430 Exhaust Issues

This Ferrari F430 which we bought recently has a pretty serious exhaust leak. At first we thought it had the dreaded F430 blown headers, but it turns out that it already has aftermarket headers. But the gaskets on the aftermarket headers were bad and blew out causing the exhaust leak. So I pulled out the headers, inspected them, and reinstalled them using new hardware and most importantly, new factory gaskets. That seems to have fixed the issue.

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@Retrosupercar says:

Did the noise go away when the engine reached operating temperature? My Testarossa has a minor manifold leak (no where near as bad as on that 430), the clicking noise goes away once it warms up. Unfortunately I can’t see a way to reach it with the engine still in the car so I’m expediting a major.

@hakinen4000 says:

Nice save there Dan. Question, do you have part number or info on the washers for the bolts on the bottom tray. Need to replace mine

@davidstocks3108 says:

Hi Dan, why haven't you done a live stream for the last 2 weeks ?

@R_Me_Brat says:

I like my gaskets flat like my woman.

@nexx456 says:

Is it so hard to put Pre_Cats in aftermarket headers ?

@jimjones1505 says:

Dude still get em hot and retighten them..

@dhabbott41 says:

Great job. You need to get your ASE certification. Really nice sounding.

@js3602 says:

You just never know what you're going to find until you dive in deep. The use of factory hardware and gaskets is a strong selling point. DDiR (Dan Does it Right!)

@marcot3013 says:

An F430 can pass smog in Cali with aftermarket headers with O2 extenders….. no check engine light. Also, even if you install new headers oblong the most distant two bolt holes on the headers. My headers were warped and snapped a bolt because of thermal expansion. I should add, the factory headers were the warped headers. No tune.

@ctvette1318 says:

Dan, what the f**ck is a blown header?! Lmaoo! Did you mean a cracked header or exhaust leak? Sounds like an exhaust leak to me.

@JayDKB says:

Its got to be really liberating to go from working as a consultant for companies to working on expensive cars at your leisure for yourself and self enjoyment. Great video I think if anyone watching ever owns a Ferrari they can come to this channel for repair information

@callmecue says:

Did you fix the exhaust leak on the Scud?

@MuddyTubMedia says:

Any time I’m working on cars or any other DIY project, I tell myself “do it right the first time”. This is an example of why

@JW-lo2bh says:

The previous owner: "I'm gonna use deez cheap nuts and gaskets before I sell dis car!"

@shovel_head80 says:

If I ever can find myself in a position to afford a Ferrari I will definitely buy from you first

@MikeAmato001 says:

2 hours…, very impressive Dan!

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