Ferrari F430 DIY including F1 Pump Replacement

Ferrari F430 DIY including F1 Pump Replacement

In this video we work on 2 Ferrari F430s. First we work on the Turderia, our friend Daniel’s F430 which was probably the cheapest clean title F430 spider ever sold. It obviously needed a lot of work and so we change the oil, engine mounts, tail light, flush the F1 fluid, replace some missing bolts, and a few other things. Then we work on our F430 which is having an occasional F1 light come on. We replace the F1 pump with another one we got from a 360.

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Noel Parris says:

Dan, when you’re sick and frustrated you’re even funnier (eg last video as well).

Dale Abbott says:

Did you get demonetized for the used ……..? I didn't hear the Josh bleep.

Dale Abbott says:

You should make it National 420 day while making it National 430 day.

Hugh Mann says:

Love the shirt Dan, does it come free with all Ferrari’s? Lol

Fred Daniali says:

Shirt with Adam's face on it with the caption – "The Gusher!"

Jagpimp says:

Great work.I wish I could do more on my Ferrari.

Mark Chippendale says:

I liked how, during the fast forward work on the second car, you routinely distributed the labour between the three of you – with one actually doing the wrenching and the other two proferring advice, technological words of wisdom and encouragement!!

joe laurieri says:

talk of perfect timing for this video… My 360 was leaking from the pump this morning lol…. my indie mechanic has told me he has repaired and resealed many 360 and 430 pumps with no issue… will see where my leak was from and inform you of the results if it helps.

Owen Morgan says:

Reminds me and my friends a few years back, only difference the cars where a bit crapper but all the same issues.

Mustang says:

Better speak to your continunity guy, you finshed the red ferrari, working on the grey then back to the red one on all the mechanicals…i know flu thing.

Joseph McCormack says:

Hang in there Dan and the boys……..its getting there. Great work and and effort. Admire your commitment. It will turn out sharp and solid.
Great video.

155stw says:

Is the early 430 F1 pump the same as the Alfa 147 Selespeed pump?

Richard Murray, Jr. says:

How about National Turdaria Day!

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