Ferrari 458 BROKEN Leather Strap DIY Replacement

Ferrari 458 BROKEN Leather Strap DIY Replacement

A very common problem on lots of Ferraris is the broken leather straps. These straps are usually in the trunk and hold the tool kits, air inflator, or other items in place. For some reason the leather used will turn brittle and break after many years, especially in hot climates. So in this video I replace the leather straps in my Ferrari 458 by pulling out the frunk tub, and riveting a new one in place.

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onestinkydog1 says:

Next. Time use a rivet nut. If it breaks again you just have to unscrew the bolt that holds the strap.

Carlyle Khan says:

Happy Weekend Daniel.
Please pass on Happy Mother's Day Greetings To Megan.
Looking forward to seeing Megan reviews of Her Car.
Stay Safe.
Wishing All At Home Good Health.
Cheers Carlyle

John Belk says:

Dan, in-place of a drill, use a 1,000 Megawatt Laser, instead of leather straps us platinum #12 wire, instead of replacing the wipers…remove the windshield and replace with diamond etched crystal which is impervious to rain, lastly to repair holes in the tub, contact MIT for the best risk mitigation. Hope this helps. Or next time, just call me…JB

Plumbaman13 says:

Should’ve done what Jay Leno does when he needs leather straps for one of his Bugatti’s he goes to a horse ranch or a bridle shop to have new leather straps made

Plumbaman13 says:

Flex seal tape

Plumbaman13 says:

Nothing worse than trying to replace wipers when it’s 5 degrees out and raining. That’s when wipers always seem to decide to break on me

Nord Mann says:

Was afraid you’d drill a not the body underneath the tub..

Donald Parlett jr says:

On rivets Drill the head off then use a punch to push out the shaft. Love the concerto as you sped along.

andrew52x says:

Again the violin concerto?? Which one is it Dan please???

Clean as dirt says:

Watch project farm, he did a wiper episode.

Lee Bachman says:

Dan, have you ever heard of Velcro. Seems like there are easier ways to solve your strap problem!

Sealgrey911 says:

On my 458 both of the straps broke. I had them replaced. My dealership said for this the tub has to get out.

The items they are supposed to hold are way too heavy for them. So my new straps will remain empty. I store their items elsewhere. The flat tire system for example I store at home. I'd rather call the towing service than ruin my rims with that foam. But it is easy for me to say because here in Germany help is never far away. We are 82 million people packed into a place with half the size of Texas. No kidding. I don't know if you can risk being on the road in the US without that kind of first aid kit.

Willem Van Der Nest says:

I am setting my sights on a F8 Tributo in the very near future. I would love your thoughts on it because I have seen YouTube videos of people saying it's a rip off because it's made cheap. I do love the car overall and like the looks of it. Especially the rear that sets it a little bit apart from the others. I do know that Brooks from Drag times had one but didn't drive it too long. On the other hand he is more a McLaren guy

Jagpimp says:

Nice work Dan.I wish i could do more to work on my car.

Jday 14 says:

Dan, use a larger drill bit and slowly remove rivet head. Much easier and faster than what you are doing.

A.H. says:

Bosch wipers

Josh Whitford says:

Where do you find replacement straps? Need this for the f430

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