Ferrari 458 Blown Engine Rebuild – Full Start to Finish

Ferrari 458 Blown Engine Rebuild – Full Start to Finish

Presumably this engine was damaged due to overheating on a track day and then runs with loud knocking. After all work was done, no error messages appear on dashboard, the engine runs perfect

Mr. 3 – A Close Encounter
Moldavite – Midnight
Moldavite – Ride
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Bayzet Gasanov says:

Ребята, я не сомневаюсь что с технической точки зрения вы делаете всё (ну или почти всё?) корректно. Я не технарь, поэтому не могу быть объективным. Уже то, что вы справляетесь с такими сложными решениями – очень круто! Супер!

Однако мне кое-чего не хватило в визуальном смысле. Не хочу вас обидеть. Но с эстетической точки зрения ваша работа выглядит грязно. Добавив в неё немного перфекционизма, вы задали бы себе совершенно новую планку качества. Возможно даже не только качества роликов, но и качества работы.
Я имею ввиду и чистоту мастерской, и чистоту деталей и узлов перед их сборкой, и даже аккуратность нанесения лубрикантов на трущиеся поверхности…
Как-никак Феррари собирали…
Поверьте, это было бы намного приятнее смотреть.
С уважением и наилучшими пожеланиями!

Tom Bittikoffer says:

See Vlad. Only took 11 mins. New record.

Andy Johnson says:

Ммм есть куда расти. Проверить зазоры коленвала plastic gauge. Нормальные места для складирования запчастей. И тд

G. C.V says:

Los mecánicos sin sus debidos EPP( elementos de protección personal ), como guantes, zapatos de seguridad Etc, ambiente de contaminado por mucho polvo, suciedad Etc, pero, a favor muy buen trabajo técnico!!

EpicRaptorMan says:

8:30 that pour tho

Ali Hamza says:

Impressive. How much time did it took you to rebuild the engine?

Abdul Wadood Thakur says:

You're very talented! Great video! Would love to see more content like this!

You've showcased the complexity of this engine and at the same time, appeared to oversimplify the entire process of rebuilding it.

Gursheesh Singh says:

Ferrari and ducatti are known for engine replacement issues. Fantastic job brother.

Manuel Bonacina says:

E tutto questo in un garage puzzolento e tutto in terra mi spiegate quale è la differenza alla ferrari

Fred Redd says:

THIS is why i drive a carolla. No other reason.

Kumudu Kulasekara says:

I would have done this at a dealer.

Daniel says:

What was the cost in American dollars with parts and labor?

Michael Mota says:

This video is gold. Thanks!

RM Motorsports says:

What are you doing at 1:24?

Serdar Çam says:

İmagine having ferrari yet doesent changing the oil
This spoiled kids are making me mad be respect for yourself and your dad who bought you this wonderful machine and look after it

Basikal Jepun says:

Understanding a woman's heart is more difficult then this.

Jake Chaney says:

Do you guys ever run into problems impacting everything down and not using a torque wrench?

Jake Chaney says:

Very cool to see and watch. Nice job. It did hurt me inside to see you using an adjustable wrench though! Cmoooon!

Anthony Erdenetuguldur says:

Amazing mechanical skills and experience.

Jonathan Aguilera says:

It hurst my eyes seeing such a dirty repair. This is no more than a fix for a quick flip profit, with no history or mention for the next owner. This is one of those surprise surprise! it was worked on! so bad! that they didn't even bother clean that deck with a steel wool, that's without mention the heads. Pity!

All of you touting this is such great skillful repair! Your seeing no more than your next broke purchase. IGNORANTS! Thousands of videos on the platform showing a pristine yet more satisfying procedures than this "it just needs a gasket" slaughterers! This is how this legends "458" end up costing way more than it should. Thank you for your contribution ARROGANTS!

Eric says:

great job, but that is bad machine, poor quality. shouldnt be damaged by one track day…

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