Ferrari 1988 328 GTS Alternator Replacement

Ferrari 1988 328 GTS Alternator Replacement

DIY at home but it is no easy task. The truth about how difficult it is to change your Ferrari 328 GTS alternator at home. Rebuild it when you take it out. Be prepared to jack up the motor and inch or so while on jack stands.



Stuart Hicks says:

Thanks but was too dark to be of any help. Just trying to get my alternator loosened on my 308 to put new belt on.

Richard Fennessey says:

Pull the voltage regulator off then the 4 bolts that hold the alternator halves together and take the alternator out in 2 pieces. You don't have to pull the coolant pipe, a/c belt or heat shielding on the exhaust. Just the alternator bracket and the closest stud for it.

augnkn93043 says:

Thanks for taking the trouble to film and post this. Very interesting.

Alex Lozano says:

It's a piece of cake! (Some cussing required)

betdam says:

Just finished doing mine, then I saw your vid. I could'nt do a vid because I cuss too much, and it certainly did make me cuss big time.
I managed to do the job from under the wing and without raising the engine.
A bit like getting a rabbit out of a rabbit hole with a spoon.
Like your vid.

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