Engine's running! Finally the CAR WIZARD can address the burned up Clutch in the '78 Ferrari 308GTB

Engine's running! Finally the CAR WIZARD can address the burned up Clutch in the '78 Ferrari 308GTB

Now that the engine has been sorted, the CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ can finally fix the burned up clutch in his 1978 Ferrari 308GTB.

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꧁Northern Chev꧂ says:

Did anyone else spot the indicator that clearly gives away the fact that wizard is going to flip this car?

russell boyd says:


Mike P says:

When will you have a video using the Harley engine and tranny from Ole Rich Rebuilds?

Ivan Gonzalez says:

Pretty sure it’s Danielsan

Czechbound says:

"Bad Wizard. Bad Wizard !!" ha ha

paul redfern says:

One of the recent best updates. I like the new style of this.

Bryan B says:

Is Danielson, the Wizard’s son?

Markam Campbell says:

so you bought your daughter a car? how nice of you.

Tom James says:

What about air conditioning? All 308s came with a York AC compressor that makes replacing the front bank timing belt a b**ch.

Regan Mahoney says:

Love seeing you give credit to your amazing techs.

John Pasquali says:

Hello wizard !! I watch you all the time. My question is why don't you do a video on buying repo or salvage title cars. I just seen a 1978 Porsche 930 turbo on a repo. The bidding was at 42,000. Just curious since you know everything about cars , is it worth a chance to bid . What are you getting into ?

pinkace says:

The best part is gonna be when it's all mechanically sorted and it's time to beautify it, fix that messed up front lip, paint correction, etc. It's gonna look great.

OAK says:

Wizard, you look way, way to big to fit in the 308. You dwarf it, when you were standing next to it!

EchobeeFPV says:

Might be a hard sell to say a Ferrari is easy to work on, and they are NEVER cheap !! I can probably get an oil change for what your oil filter cost, LOL !! Anyway, good job on Mrs. Wizard's car !!

Whatareyoudoingyouidiot says:

Daniel-san seems to be getting used to being on camera. His first couple appearances he was really awkward but he's doing much better now.

Christian Boyd says:

Can't wait to see this back on the road, I hope you do a full detail on it and get it looking as good as it's going to run and drive.

Todd Kissack says:

Wizard, you should use a laser light pen when showing things under the engine =)

alexrnor says:

Freddy from Tavarish.. who that?

Chris Greenfield says:

David are you going to have the paint looked at or are you going to leave it as is, i mean the old girl would look awesome with a wizard wrap for a while and just have it in the background as an advert for the garage. The 308 has to be the most underpowered of the lineup from the 70's but heck she has good lines magnum would be proud.

Ryan Finney says:

Can't wait for that road test, Wiz

BryDuhBikeGuy says:

Glad it's coming together well.Great work Danial-san.Next is the "Maliguar"?

Org@nicCold says:

Daniel is doing a great job there, you should do more videos with him where he explains some of the Ferrari stuff 🙂 can't wait to see this 308 running on the road. Oh please film the Dyno please

Michael Russell says:

Daniel is a very handy ferrari mechanic to have in the shop.

Bill Monaco says:

The 328 GT has the same configuration for clutch work

Chuck Schmidt says:

I'm sure you are aware of him, Scott at Ratarossa is a great source of Ferrari info and parts. He has worked with Samcrac and others. Maybe he can point you where to find the missing 308 parts. Good luck with the build. Who knows, you might need "his and hers" 308's with Mrs. Wizard. Enjoy the channel and keep it up.

Damion Richter says:

ayo put a 13b in it
maybe a fwd adapter plate ferotary

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