Does The Ferrari F8 Tributo Fix The Spider's Problems, Now 296 GTB is out is it Still Worth Buying?

Does The Ferrari F8 Tributo Fix The Spider's Problems, Now 296 GTB is out is it Still Worth Buying?

In today’s video I am looking at the fantastic Ferrari F8 Tributo. I recently got to drive the F8 Spider and although I absolutely loved it, I felt that it was lacking in a couple of departments – notably noise and chassis rigidity. The coupe promises to fix both of those, so does it – and more importantly, now we know what is next from Ferrari, should you still buy an F8?

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Rob Dice says:

Sorry, the 296 is one of the ugliest modern Ferrari’s made..looks like a frog. Ribbet, ribbet

Bunsenn says:

The F8 isn’t a hybrid, just a gas engine. Every Ferrari after it is. That’s why it’s simply the better choice.

RogueBeats says:

the rear is cool, the front looks so bad

Michael Heath says:

One thing I read about the rear slitted window in the Tributo is that this plastc window or whatever it is made out of, vibrates, so you get poor visibility through it. Very blurred.

Mark Herd says:

The 296 should have been called "The Dino" its time for Ferrari to drop their complicated number scheme of the last 20 years and get back to defined cars, with historic names.

Andreas AtHome says:

F8 trades 50k higher than list now. I guess your should have gotten it after all

nafnaf0 says:

The 296 is ugly. The F8 is gorgeous

mark ratcliffe says:

The first slightly bland Ferrari

Real Data says:

No – not worth buying. Exhaust note ? I get its a hybrid but its still a Ferrari. The Ferrari 348 is the single Biggest Bang for the Buck in Ferrari and exotic sports cars. Wait till you have an electrical gremlin with the 296. In Ferrari sports cars. Jeremy Clarkson declared the 355 “the greatest car in the world, ever.”  But Less is More with the completely analog 348 as it doesn’t have the brass valve guide and/or electronic suspension issues the 355 has. Older is Easier as the 348 is the best “purely analog” Ferrari ever made according to Hoovies Garage, the Smoking Tire, Jay Emm, etc as the 348 comes without modern day features that actually detract from the experience of driving a Ferrari.  Why drive a “fast” car “slow” when you can drive a slower car fast?  Lastly, the 348’s 8,500 rpm flat plane crank shaft generates an Formula 1 exhaust note as F1 cars also use flat plane cranks to lower their center of gravity.  Every car has an exhaust note-why isn’t anyone commenting on the lack of a distinctive exhaust note on the 296?

Mark Norton says:

“Criminal amount of scuttle shake”. Idiotic comment, I’ve driven both and chose the Spider. What flex there is doesn’t detract one bit from the overall driving experience. I also have an 812 GTS coming and you’re wrong about that car too. It’s a different style of car and you learn to drive it differently.

fiors73 says:

Parli troppo, amico.

Jacob Fullton says:

It just sounds so lame. 458, even the f430 sounds epic even

B Bailey says:

Excellent reviews on cars I can't afford and some that I can.

U says:

Loss of noise is sad

biggenerator9 says:

Jay’s reviews and perspective give such a great front seat experience. So connecting… It’s like owning the car for a bit.

pete6891 says:

eunuch styling for sure

Granger says:

Does 296gtb is better than f8?

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