4 Ways We'd Fix Ferrari

4 Ways We'd Fix Ferrari

For Ferrari, the Italian GP was certainly an eventful one, in all the wrong ways. This is a common thread for them in 2020, as their results have been sub-par compared to the 2019 season. Vettel may have confirmed that he’ll be racing with Aston Martin in 2021, but for LeClerc and Sainz and the rest of the team, there’s some problems to solve.

So in the leadup to the Tuscan GP, held at Ferrari’s home turn in Maranello, Jake Boxall-Legge asks the question – how do Ferrari get back on track? Whilst also looking at the new components the red team used to improve their luck at Monza, and what the future might hold going foreward.

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Ark Reborn says:

What if Ferrari is purposely making their car shit to get more time in wind tunnels and development.
Remember low end teams have more time to develop their cars.

Amanuel Gebretensia says:

We fixed it!!!!

Nadir Ünal says:

2021 season races are sold to Mercedes just like 2020 season races. If you do not know this, you have no idea about F1 races and sales among competing teams. You look funny trying to make technical suggestions.

Sam Hazleton says:

Point 5: Resolve internal team issues. Indecisive team orders, bad pit stops, and treating Vettel like an outsider hurt Ferrari just as much as the technical weaknesses in the car in 2020. The difference is, when you fix a technical issue, it's fixed for good. Poor communication and infighting within a team can destroy its chances, even if the car is perfect.

Merc S600 says:

They need a change of Binotto ( almost means Good Man ) , previous being ArivaBene ( means Arived good ) , they need to find one with a name like BuonaPartenza ( Good Start ) then maybe they can WIN against the Merc's ,lol.

Saigon6 says:

New cheats'n'tricks

Kiran Prasath R says:

Even though their Engine was compromised, they should have focused on another area to reduce disadvantages and use their one advantage to do better.

There Advantage(Which they didn't use with Vettel as their strategy were trash with Vettel who had a better life in tire than Leclerc and pitted him early most of the time to avoid a fight between them)

they seem to have less tire wear compared to others, due to low downforce setup because of the compromised engine.

There Disadvantage; (Which they didn't seem care)

Bad Pit Stop because of the said reason " threads in the rim are worn" which is unacceptable

Lack of performance from the engine showed that their aero was pretty bad and was only using the previous engines to push by shear force

The durability of their components

poor management of team (demoralizing Vettel before the race has ever started along with the poor car and not only that they already started they have also said the mick will join Ferrari in 2023 which will certainly demoralize Sainz)

and the list goes on, But if they want to become the best again they have worked a lot, if not these will become the variables in which they will lose their wins, Their comeback will also be difficult due to the budget cap from 2021.

Kiran Prasath R says:

I think Ferrari gave up entirely, hoping for luck

Angela Fox says:

Cheat again and get away with it.

Holden Cross says:

Vettel was sitting there doing everything! He was the driver the mechanic and the strategist! He’s a 3-in-1 deal! He’s like what Hulkenberg did for RP at the Eifel GP he gave feedback on where the car needs improving.

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